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   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!
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Sarah - 2006-03-07
I have an American Polish and her name is 'Sniff.' She is a wonderful and extremely affectionate little creature. She is VERY vocal and grunts all of the time. They make a wonderful companion for the young and the old.

Short Stuff - 2006-03-03
I used to own polish rabbits and they were so calm and nice. I just want more and they are great for little ones to hold on to and play with
at home.

rachel Bishop - 2006-03-02
I have a polish dwarf named dusty who's as sweet and crazy as you can get. i believe that polish dwarves make great pets for responsible adults and teens. They have their own personalities and moods. Dusty, for example, will snuggle with me or my mom and let us (and somtimes beg with his eyes)to pet him and snuggle. On the other hand, sometimes he is tempermental. They all have their quirks and personalities and i would not recommend them as a starting rabbit for young children. But if you want an energetic whirlwind bunny, this breed ROCKS!

Kim taylor - 2005-12-15
i just got a Polish rabbit. i called her midnight. she has a black out side fur and underneath that she has a bluish color she is simply beautiful. this site was very helpful. thanks 12-15

KBB - 2005-12-09
American Polish and Britannia Petites are not related at all. Britannia Petites are a very active breed, and do not make good pets for children. They come in Ruby eyed white, Black, Black Otter, Chestnut and Sable Marten. There are other colors too, but they are unrecognized. American Polish aren't a true dwarf breed either, as they don't carry the dwarfing gene. (except for some bloodlines, with were crossed with Netherland Dwarfs)

bubba hotep - 2005-11-12
i really like the dwarf bunnies they're really awesome!!!
my bunnies name is darcy.she is just a baby!!

Kate - 2005-10-06
I recently lost my baby girl, and I hurt for a while, then I decided I wanted a animal. I was going to the pet store to get a bird, but when I got there I saw the cutest little rust colored netherland dwarf rabbit. Well I asked to hold her and we bonded right there. I bought her the next day. Now I have another (different) baby of my own to take care of. I love her she has helped to ease my pain.

Will Hesser - 2005-08-15
I have never had one before but my cousin has, and they are a really nice rabbit great for kids and great for adults too

tnisha - 2005-08-06
Hi,i have a lovley year old Netherland Dwarf. he has red eyes and white fur. he is very cute.

Mary 7-16-2005 - 2005-07-16
We have 9 rabbits! 5 New Zealands,3 Fuzzy Lops and 1 Polish Dwarf! How could anyone not fall in love with them!