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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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ashley - 2005-07-27
this website has help me. I am 12 and i own 2 new zealand rabbits a red doe and a white buck. this website has helped me find the information i need!

Leti - 2005-07-01
I never thought that having rabbits would change my life. I love them very dearly. I have about 41 rabbits. They are so beautiful! My daughters love to feed them and play with them. Each one of us has a favorite one.

susanne - 2005-06-05
Hello My Husband Frank was taking a walk down in a ravine by our house when a rather large white rabbit apeared from out of the bush. This happened for several days. Finally he told my daughter and I. we decided to check it out, sure enough there it was. Kailynn caught the rabbit and I ran home to get a container. We have had the rabbit for a week now. We are not sure if it ran away or was set free, but we do feel the rabbit is safe with us. I guess we need a bigger cage. suzanne from West Hill

Theresa - 2005-05-25
I have a Newzealand rabbit and she's so loveable Snowwhite is her name I love to see her jump and leap high rabbits are really great pets but are some times a hard responsiblity

shyrah - 2005-05-11
I have the same rabbit, and they are so cute and just fun to be around. When you lay down and cuddle with them they seem so harmless and like nothing could go wrong. If you really look at them and study them you can see how they work and do things. they make it seem so easy. I love my rabbit and never think of hurting it in any kind of shape or form.

Kenny - 2005-05-01
My NZ named iris is about 6 years old she is adorable too watch. She doesnt like to be held but will let you if you have food. she is on the heavy side but still healthy.

Kalee Sage - 2005-04-21
I love my NZ babys so much!! I have a gray one named Billy Rabbit and a black and white one. His name is Salt and pepper. he is a cross between a NZ and California. Theyre both still babys. I HIGHLY recommend a NZ bunny, there so lovable. mine are both boys. Billy likes you to turn him over on his back and scratch his tummy! They love my dogs and my dogs love them.T hey like to snuggle up with the dogs. when theyre in the pen the dogs lay by there pen. They love to sit on your shoulder, when they sit with me they sometimes try to climb on to my shoulder. You will fall in love with a New Zealand bunny and they will fall in love with you!

Anthony Murray - 2005-04-12
I have a white New Zealand Meat Rabbit and it is the best animal I have ever had. He does not bite, or scratch. He is really good around people and plays with an alumimum pie tin in his cage. All together he is a really good rabbit.

Adam Hallsworth - 2005-04-05
Hi my name is Adam and i am 13 and i have 2 New Zealand Whites both 1 year old on 16 April 2005 and they are brother and sister and they are called Alfie and Ruby.

Jenny-Lynn - 2005-03-13
I have had New Zealand White bunnies since I was in pre-school. We had our Hoppseys(2 of them one female one male) and we had our Snowy, who just passed away in August of 2004. They were the most friendliest rabbits, of course we had other rabbits as well. We had a satin, Butterscotch, and a holland lop with the new zealand white. They got along really well. We miss our big big white bunny, but if you are looking for a sweet loving bunny who loves to cuddle, these are good rabbits, but as we say, any rabbit can be a good cuddly rabbit!