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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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trisha - 2006-07-14
New Zealand rabbits are great rabbits. my problem was that mine did bite, but they are really great rabbits. I am wondering what would have led to her biting because I never heard before that New Zealands didnt bite

Tracie - 2006-05-23
We just got a new baby New Zealand, red. She is 6 weeks old. We got her from a 4-h show where our daughter was showing her Hotot. Which won grand champion for her class. Her first one! We named the baby " Chi Tea". She is the color of it too. She is so sweet. She loves to play with the bells and balls in her cage. We know it is very important for them to have playtime with different things, keeps the mind going! We brought our Hotot up with alot of interaction and love ( instead of being in a cage all day and right before only readying them for a show) So we are going to do the same with her. I have owned dogs and cats but let me tell you I wish that I had been introduced to these creatures a long time ago! Our Hotot snuggles up to our 18 year old cat and sleeps too. What a picture!

New Zealand - 2006-05-16
New Zealand rabbits will start to bite when they are 8 months old. I have a New Zealand and it already bit me pretty good. New Zealand rabbits are friendly if You get them when there babies. I got my rabbit old thats why she is kind of mean.

muftah - 2006-04-12
i love this kind of rabbits ( newzealand rabbit ) i spend most of my time with my rabbits. but my newzealand rabbits not the original kind and i am looking for the best kind of newzealand rabbits for buying

BRITTANY - 2006-03-18
i have a 1 year old new zealand rabbit named bella. she is the sweetest little bunny. New zealands make great pets. they love to be held and touched. she loves her food and carrots are her favorite!

victor - 2006-03-03
i still rememember the ones i use to keep at 14. i still think and dream about them cos they were my best friends. now I am 21 and still wish to keep them

MaTal - 2006-02-02
I have a beautiful new zealend rabbit named Monty. He's been a great friend and has a very fat and happy life. He had a huge cage, plants to eat, and plenty of attention. I let him out in the yard daily to munch on grass and he will always come back in. He gets along with my dog and parakeets great and is cuter then any other bunny alive. Thank you for all your information and help. me and monty have learned from your site. THANKS!

Sammy - 2006-01-29
When I was 14 I found a black New Zealand roaming free in in a field behind our house. I took him home, and kept him as a pet. I couldn't decide if he was a rabbit or a bunny, so i named him rabunny. I am now two days away from getting my daughter a white one, and am really looking forward to her enjoying hers as much as I did mine. They do make one of the best pets you can have.

Anonymous - 2005-10-08
My Rabbit is called snow and she weighs 15 pounds. she is white all over and has pink eyes. she is very smart. she uses the cat flap and every moring when I open her hutch she is bursting for the loo so she goes to her litter box and poos and wees. she is doing this now for about 1 year and a half AND NEVER DURING THIS TIME HAS SHE POOED OR WEED IN HER HUTCH.

Danielle - 2005-09-20
Came across your site while researching. I just adopted a New Zealand from the Noah's Wish shelter in Slidell, LA. She has been home 3 days, and has already made herself at home. Trini is truly an inquistive bun-bun, and gorgeous on top of that. I can't wait to give her an enjoyable life.