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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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jasmine - 2004-01-27
rabbits are the best pet too have for growing teens its like having too take care of a baby with out all the trouble. My rabbit loves timothy hay what kind of grass does your rabbit like?

HeleN Shiraishi - 2012-04-11
How big do they get can you send me a picture of your bunnies now because I have 2 males and I want to know how big they get

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-11
    A New Zealnd is going to run about 11 pounds when fully grown. That's the size of an average sized cat. However, the New Zealnd is more compact or rouded than a cat so doesn't look as long - unless stretched out.
  • sam - 2012-04-27
    I have a black new zealand doe and she is 15 pounds! She is not over weight or obese in any way, shes just a big girl:)
nicole - 2009-02-18
I have a white fured red eyed New Zealand rabbit! Her name is Albie, and she also loves cords. We found her 2 years ago underneath our car and it was like love at first sight. She gets in alot of trouble but I would never give her up

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  • Nancy - 2011-09-29
    Thanks for the share!
Leila Peters - 2011-07-26
@luvurbuns, thank you so much for your advice. Fluffy is pretty much potty trained by now, and he has the freedom of the whole house and yard! I didnt bother to fence up the gate as he simply just doesnt run out! He is such a sweet pet and sleeps in the garage!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-27
    People donot know or realize that a rabbit can make a wonderful pet. They don't know they can be housebroken and trained. Please tell all of us more. Thank you
Leila Peters - 2011-05-30
What is the best way to toilet train a young rabbit? Ive just got a month-old nz white bunny and he is the cutest thing I ever had! He follows me around then stands on his hind legs. Is he begging for food or just wants to be carried?

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  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-07-11
    Ok, its very simple:

    1. Look where your bunny goes to the bathroom. Which corner, or which spot. Rabbits are very clean animals and dont like dirty places.
    2. Put a plastic(hard) litterbox filled with litter and some hay to munch on.
    3. In about 2 weeks you will have a potty trained bunny!!!!
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-16
    The bigger the better, if they can run and jump then sweet!
Bekah - 2011-05-01
Hi, I have recently purchased a New Zealand rabbit, however I'm not quite sure it is a pure New Zealand because it has two colors. I was told it could be a broken New Zealand, but some people are saying New Zealsnds can not have two colors. Does anyone know is New Zealand rabbits can be broken colors?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-02
    Yes, New Zealand rabbits can have more than one color or be broken in colors. Attached ia an article from Animal World regarding the New Zealand. There is also a photo in the article showing a pure New Zealand that is tan and white. They are lovely, cuddly soft creatures. Enjoy her.
Amy Lota - 2005-05-21
My big boy White New Zealand is named Magician. What a meaty handsome man he is. He loves getting his cheeks rubbed-when I do this he'll drop to the ground, and dig his nails into the carpet with his eyes closed tightly. As soon as I stop I have to make a run for it, because if I stay he'll get up and start honking me (he's a bit pushy when he wants love). He's also a bit spoiled-he gets 5-8 hrs run time through the whole house, not too mention all the fruits and veggies he gets to devour & phone wires he's severed. This has to be my most favorite pet (besides my rat). He really cracks me up at times-that's why I call him my funny bunny.

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  • Joseph Huleux - 2011-03-15
    Hi Amy it's true I want to cook him in wine and have him for lunch hope you don't mind and you thought he ran away LOL
  • Leila Peters - 2011-04-04
    Oh my! What a beautiful comment from a bunny lover! I can't wait to get my baby NZ rabbit soon!
  • Lisa Moessner - 2011-04-29
    I have Rexes, Lionheads, Lops, and dwarfs, as house pets but have heard so much about how wonderful the New Zealand rabbit is. Unfortunately scientists take advantage of them. Yay! Europe has no animal testing!

teri - 2004-03-21
What lovely buns! And what lovely people saying they love their buns! I love my little four pounders very much but I cannot resist dreaming about a huge New Zealand! Friends who have these huge buns always seem to have funny stories about them. But mine do the same things, only less visibly because of their size. Hugs from me and my house buns Bunkie and Taco who send bunny kisses to all these documented well cared for NZs

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  • Leila Peters - 2011-04-04
    Give lots of love and hugs and kisses from me! Im soon getting a NZ rabbit, too! Cute sugar pies they are, aren't they?
Stephane Cousar - 2010-09-05
I have 6 does and 2 bucks. They are all NZ Giants. I am looking to sale, breed, and raise them. If anyone is interested in purchasing one contact me. They are 5.00 dollars for live rabbits. And 8.00 dollars for skinned and cleaned rabbits. We have been raising them for 35 years and have much experience.

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  • Jim Harness - 2010-09-12
    I have been trying to find where I can purchase New Zealand rabbits for raising them for meat. I live in Warsaw Il. 62379 any kind of help would be nice. THANK JIM.
  • brittany brecheisen - 2010-09-16
    yeah were do you live at because im lookin for a boy new zealand
  • Linden - 2010-09-20
    Hello, my agriscience class was interested in buying some New Zealand's for show. However, the program is in Arizona. If it's possible to sell them to us, please let me know. Thank you.
  • Crystal - 2010-09-20
    Where are you located?
  • jack - 2010-09-21
    Where are you located?
  • Crystal Baker - 2010-10-04
    Hi Stephane, I would like to buy all six of the does if they are no more than one year old. I live in Oklahoma, can you ship them for an additional charge?
  • Pam Marchant - 2010-10-08
    I am interested in purchasing 2 does and 1 buck for breeding for meat. Raised NZ in the 1990's and shipped out @ 5 lbs. At what weight are you butchering? I don't remember calling them Giants. Is there a difference?
  • grace - 2010-10-15
    What country are you from because I am very much interested in buying a rabbit especially the new zealand rabbit.
  • Mark - 2010-10-14
    Where are you located?
  • Paula - 2010-10-14
    I have a good friend that is looking for a Male NZ Giant. He lives in Louisiana, can you ship there?
  • bobby - 2010-11-01
    I am interested in one buck and four does to raise can you ship to me 89147 area?
  • Angela - 2010-11-03
    I would be interested. My email is
  • Mike - 2010-11-03
    Your location may hinder my ability to purchase. I am in East Tennessee, how far apart are we?
  • john - 2010-11-04
    What area of the country are you in?
  • John Krueger - 2010-11-07
    Maybe interested in buying some live. I live in Florida is that a problem?
  • Kim - 2010-11-09
    Where are you located? I am located in Florida. I would like to buy if you are close to me.
  • Darian - 2010-11-28
    Where exactly do you live at? And would you be willing to ship them?
  • MIKE - 2010-12-01
    I am looking for a breeding pair. If you have a pair please contact me.
  • James Phillips - 2010-11-30
    Hello stephanie, i live outside of albuquerque, nm and i have been searching for a place to purchase live meat rabbits. I want to raise them for food and i have been having the hardest time to find anyone with these rabbits for sale. Do you ship yours? Or do you know where i can go to purchase a buck and doe? Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Bobbi - 2010-12-04
    I am looking for NZ giants. Please email me. atesec2ride at yahoo.
  • ashley - 2010-12-16
    are they still available? call me 405 268 3338
  • Rafael Velazco - 2010-12-18
    Hi my name is Rafael and I like to buy some of your NZ, I am in California and willing to start with this breed for meat purposes.
  • Oly - 2010-12-21
    Do you live in florida? I want a baby bunny.
  • Dan. - 2010-12-24
    How old are they? How big they are growing? Thank you. Dan.
  • randy - 2011-01-01
    Where are you from and how many does do you have and age?
  • Anonymous - 2011-01-05
    Where located?
  • jette - 2011-01-19
    Hi look for nz to get stared for show and meat are they reg. with a.r.b.a or have papers and where are you at?
  • leland jacobus - 2011-01-23
    Yes, very interested. However, where are you?
  • Lee - 2011-01-23
    Leland Jacobus: 408 246 8977; Ship me 10 does and 2 bucks.
  • Darin - 2011-01-26
    I'm interested in a 2 does and 1 buck. We are starting to breed rabbits for meat to get away from chicken. I have read that theses are good breeding rabbits for meat. Is this true? Where do you live?
  • henry - 2011-02-14
    Yes I would 2 does where are you located?
  • elmer haus - 2011-02-17
    I would like to have 2 does and 1 buck where are you from and how would I get them?
  • linda robertson - 2011-02-17
    I am looking to buy new zealand rabbits to breed.
  • LaDawn Anderson - 2011-02-25
    Where are you in East TN? I am interested in buying one or more of your NZ Does. I have a pedigree Giant Flemish buck I would like to breed to a large rabbit. Let me know where you are in TN. Thanks.
  • Todd - 2011-03-08
    I breed New Zealand Whites in PA. I can be contacted at I have numerous litters on the way papered and not papered.
  • shiella morris - 2011-03-28
    Hi, where are you located?
Amie - 2011-03-26
I am wondering if anyone knows what color babies my New Zealand Red buck and New Zealand White doe would have? Which color is dominant?