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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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rylee - 2007-07-11
they poop so much, so you have clean them up about twice a week.

Loretta - 2012-05-04
What can I bathe my bunny in? What can I use on him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-04
    You do not bathe a bunny as they are extremely clean and wash their coat similar to a cat. If needed, you can brush them to remove excess or lose fur.
  • stu - 2012-10-21
    take your bunny swimming, try and keep their ears out of water to avoid problems. my 2 new z's love it and my valvetteen rex hav a blast. obviously make sure the lake or water your dipping them in is safe. if u swim in it they will....this will also give them somethin todo .(grooming all afternoon)
Verity Johnson - 2007-11-12
My New Zealand white is very calm and very nice.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-10-20
    I agree
jessica - 2006-04-13
I have a new zealand named Trixie, and she is the BEST rabbit ever! My friend also has one and Trixie and Lilly get along very well. New Zealands are my favorite type of rabbits! Trixie is my best freinds and she is the most lovable, gentle, and fun rabbit ever! She loves to be taken out for walks and loves rooming around inside! Someday I wish to raise a farm for all new zealands! If any child is thinking about getting a rabbit then I strongley suggest new zealands! You won't regret! To me New Zealands are like little furry friends that just want to have fun and be cared for! They're gentle, fun, and great for kids!

Leila Peters - 2011-07-30
Well said, Charlie, you are absolutely right. Bottom line is bunny should have enough space to run and safe place to sleep. I wish many rabbit owners would do the same. To avoid any territorial behaviour as I have a house rabbit I left it as just one, instead of two.

naresh - 2006-04-27
We have a Cutie called Remo, he is the sweetest thing on earth, he is a part of our Family. he is a great pet and thinking of him brings a smile on the face of whoever has met him.

Leila Peters - 2011-07-29
Thank you Charlie, you are so right! It is also very sad to see people keep rabbits in a small cage. I think it is inhumane. Although Fluffy's got a hutch when I first got him I tried to put him in for the night, he just stood there on his hind legs against the cage. For me it was too much! No way was I going to keep him in against his will - and he preferred the garage. It is wonderful to see him amongst the green grass outside. His favourite is boiled spaghetti and potato!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-29
    I am not one for CAGE - I have safe places for things - especially late at night or if I am not home. But even then - I can put my husband easily into my birds 8 foot cage. I have seen really neat rabbit areas where the Cage is like 2 feet wide by 3 feet high and 6 - 8 feet long, Screened fron and off the ground and then the bunny has stairs to com eout and there is a large safe enclosure around that. So bunny can go in and out his cage - which has toys and litter. Second litter also in the enclosure. So easy to clean, easy for bunny to get in and out and easy for human to pick up and play - or big enough for human to go in.
  • alexis - 2011-08-14
    Um that's very good ya.
  • jamie - 2012-02-24
    Be careful letting your rabbit eat grass. They are really prone to parasites and worms. Both of which can make your bunny very sick. It is also not a good idea to feed your rabbit speghetti and potato. In a book I bought about raising rabbits you should only feed a high quality pellet, alfalfa that is cured properly to prevent a parasite and some greens. But if you feed to much green it will cause some gi upset which can be the death of your bunny. never feed greens prior to 5 months of age. These critters are not the same as the wild ones.
  • hernan jay a tiagan - 2012-06-04
    Hey guys I bred a new zealand rabbit that can even eat just greens for 6 months at the age of
    of 3 months but I'm not really sure if there new zealand rabbits. Don't judge me I'm just a kid
<3Bunny\'s - 2012-05-28
I have a NZ named Kyle and he is soooo sweet but he is sooooo big and I am worried that his cage is to small. And I leash trained him! So now I get to walk him all of the time it is soooooo cute!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-29
    If you think his cage is too small - it probably is. You can get a little creative and make his cage larger - at leaast large enough that he can stretch out full length and stand up right.
  • <3bunny\'s - 2012-06-02
    Do night boxes really help cuz if they do I was gonna build him one on his cage
Grace - 2006-06-07
I got my new zealand, Chanel, 4 months ago. She is young and I saved her life, her former owner used to beat her for no reason. It was said to be that he was crazy. When I found her she had cuts and wounds all over her, her fur was coming loose, she was also blind in one eye, and she was in really bad shape. She was poorly fed and so skinny you could see her bones stick out. She was also very scared of people, thinking that they would beat her too. When they found her not only she was beaten but so were others. all around her former home there were dead rabbits all over who were also beaten. Justice is now served and the former owner was arested for animal cruelty. The vet said that she was so close to dying. I'm so grateful to have her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-11
    I am glad you found each other.
  • Carole lyons - 2012-05-23
    I bought an old girl bunny at auction,and I love her. She is a new zealand
    and was so frightened he trembled. I couldnt wait to get her home to settle down away from all the noise . I was worried she might have a heart attack,but she is ok
Karen - 2006-09-30
At first I was like most people and wanted a dwarf or a lop rabbit, not a "plain white rabbit". However, I wanted a gentle, easy-going compaion rabbit for my hyper English Spot, and personality wise, a New Zealand at the local shelter fit the bill. I have grown to love her and now I want more NZ's!! My bun is gentle and easy going, big and cuddly and I have come to really appreciate her white fur and red eyes. Please don't pass up the chance to adopt one of these wonderful buns if you get the chance!

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  • Pankaj - 2012-05-09
    Many pet stores such as PetCo, PetSmart and even ipndnendeet stores will carry Timothy hay. Ask where it is if you don't see it right away sometimes they have it hidden. If you can not find any today look for hay pellets (often mixed with dehydrated carrot chips) this will substitute for the Hartz garbage until the hay arrives. My Weber totally threw a major tantrum when I switched to hay and stopped giving him the hay pellets like feeding a kid cheetohs and cake, then deciding that they must now eat brussel sprouts. After a day or two, he got over his displeasure and still ate the the hay. Throw the grocery store food stuff in the trash. It will kill your rabbit. Pet food is best bought at pet stores. +2Was this answer helpful?