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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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Muley - 2004-09-19
I brought a NZ white x breed from a farm. she became our guard dog. she was realy a lovely animal, but she had a short temper. When our dog (that thought it was a cat) died she started attacking dogs. Once she even took on a New fondland, and won. in her three year life span she had 92 kittens and we kept 1 who is now 3 yrs old and lovely. I hand raised her and she thinks im her mum. she even comes to people when called. we have had as many as 49 rabbits at once as well as other animals.

Anonymous - 2004-09-05
I love my new zealand rabbit. She is so sweet.

Jeff Douglas - 2004-06-13
The American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders is the national organization that represents the New Zealand Rabbit in the US. If you raise New Zealands the consider joining the AFNZRB.
Check out the New Zealand web site

Dedra Craig - 2004-06-01
I recenty got a White New Zealand. Her name is Mary Margret and she will run around chewing on her toys and throwing them in the air and chasing the kittens for about 5 minutes then she will rest for about 5 minutes, because it TOATLY wears her out due to her large size, then she will do it all over again!

Kim - 2004-04-11
I have had two New Zealand Reds growing up. They definitly make great pets. I have tried other breeds, but none were as sweet or affectionate as the New Zealand Red!

Paige - 2004-04-09
I think this is a lovely rabbit i just heard about i think i fell in love with that rabbit.

Rachel Fisher - 2004-02-29
"I have owned my New Zealand White for nearly a week, and he is just so gorgeous! His ruby eyes and gorgeous white fur makes him the most attractive rabbit that I have owned! He is a bit fussy, but I dont care! I love him heaps any way!"

Kimberly Hanscom - 2004-02-24
i have a black new zealand i got at an open show. she is my second, my first is a holland lop. i joined 4H and i have got 2 best of breeds! she used to be very nervous but now she lays on me and i walk her in the park!

Kristina - 2004-02-23
I also have a New Zealand white, but mine is a HUGE BRAT, but I dont blame her, she was raised in a chicken coop with other rabbits. So basically she had to defend herself from other territoral does(Girls) and horney bucks(Boys). All thay had to eat was chicken poop and algae infested water. This guy did not even get the breed name right! He called them californians. I am in rabbit 4-H so I show her, She does GREAT! She gets best of breed almost every show! So I basically rescued her. I named her Frost, But she still trys to defend her territory, but thats ok, because of her past.

Owner of White rose Rabbitry

Lola - 2004-01-21
Hi. I have had a New Zealand White buck.It was the most wonderful experience! He could allow me to do anything to him, it was like having a dog and a cat at the same time, but even better!
People usually do not know much about rabbits and assume they are pretty stupid. In fact, rabbits, expecially New Zealand bunnies, are full of big surprizes that are yet to be discovered, although we all who have pet bunnies know better than anybody else what a wonderful,loving,funny, and very intelligent a bunny can be as a pet.
If this is your first time, go with a New Zealand baby: besides ruby eyes, thick fur, and adorable ears, you will discover a big bunny to wrap your arms around, and you may find yourself one very special day being trapped by this creature nose to nose with you, breathing peacefully and that is one of the most plesurable experiences you can ever have! In addition, The New Zealand is a greatfull creature and a very generous kisser, which makes him totally irresistable. The only problem with this bun is after he is gone, you can hardly find a replacement for it is impossible to replace a friend, and a friend is a true word for a bunny like that!