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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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Jenny-Lynn - 2005-03-13
I have had New Zealand White bunnies since I was in pre-school. We had our Hoppseys(2 of them one female one male) and we had our Snowy, who just passed away in August of 2004. They were the most friendliest rabbits, of course we had other rabbits as well. We had a satin, Butterscotch, and a holland lop with the new zealand white. They got along really well. We miss our big big white bunny, but if you are looking for a sweet loving bunny who loves to cuddle, these are good rabbits, but as we say, any rabbit can be a good cuddly rabbit!

Roger - 2005-03-12
I have a NZ white for an extemely great pet. I rescued her. Would like to see other colors

Debra - 2005-03-03
I take care of 3 NZW rabbits at my work, and I can not wait until I live in a place that I can take one home with me. They have such a sweet and charming personality and can be comical too. I love that they are so gentle and love all the attention they can get. Thank you for making a website about how beautiful and sweet these large rabbits are!

unknown - 2005-02-14
i love my baby bunny. he is two years old. he lives inside. i am doing a school report about him.

Hannah Corfeild - 2005-01-14
I love my 2 bundles of joy and they love me back. they are my 2nd most favourite breeds. my favourite is the great big French lop rabbits because they are the attention seekers and are allowed up stairs. My 2 New Zealand does are both Lilac coloured and are sisters. they are so gorgeous. I have 5 rabbits and Lelow is the best of all. she comes with me to the paper shop and back on a dog harness (how cute is that)?.

ben mclaughlin, new zealand - 2005-01-06
I have a white New Zealand and it is very charismatic. being quite a large rabbit now, he has outgrown the bottom of the bird aviary and is now free to roam an enclosed section with our two dogs. they get along quite well.

Paige - 2004-12-21
They are so sweet! I know because I have two of them!

Valerie - 2004-12-20
i just got 2. we named them Yin and Yang since one is black and one is white. they are very playful and love to be little lap bunnies. i love them

Kelli Borchering - 2004-12-11
We stumbled on to our New Zealand on accident. it seems someone bought her and decided a rabbit wasnt right for them. So they set her free in a neighborhood with a bunch of big dogs. Well, we still have her, 5 months and 3 cages later, milkyway is now a member of the family. We just love her! I have fish, cats, a dog, and now the bunny. Critters are great pals!

minstral - 2004-11-03
i have a new zealand rabbit named bella and she lives in the kitchen. i love her to bits and i take her for a walk each night. also i brush, feed, and take good care of her everyday. your website inspired me to get a new zealand rabbit and i have not regreted it for the two years i have had them!