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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Anonymous - 2009-12-15
I got my rabbit a week ago for my son's b-day. I love her, she is nice and calm. I had two rabbit before, they can be very different. The one I had before was very wild.

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  • emma - 2010-04-22
    So cool they are adorable we have one named thumper, so cute, write back.
  • mia chairez - 2010-05-11
    Well make sure you think that it isn't wild.
Mika - 2009-12-11
hello... i have a neth dwarf bunnie... and i need to know is it okay for nibbles to play in a little snow for a couple minutes every once in awhile...

Cristina - 2009-11-02
I'm glad to read stories about people buying bunnies as pets, but please if you can visit a shelter first. There are so many bunnies looking for a home. Specially after Easter, this is the time when people give them up. I too have a bunny name Snoopy. He is 3 years old. He is a dwarf and so cute. Thank you and enjoy your bunnies.

Anonymous - 2009-10-28
Around how much would a netherlan dwarf bunnie cost at a local petstore? and do u half to train them not to run off, or they just don't run? Pleez write back?

Ian Davy - 2009-10-20

Can anyone help ? We have a pedigree silver fox netherland dwarf rabbit who lives outside in a hutch with a hutch hugger (has no insulating qualities). As winter is coming fast, is he ok with extra hay and maybe an insulating hutch hugger ?

I hope to hear from someone soon.

Best Wishes

Amy - 2009-10-10
We've been searching the internet... my 15 yr old daughter & I want to buy a Netherland Dwarf... we haven't had much luck on finding any in our area. I don't mind driving a few hours away.
What are the price ranges? Understanding we're not looking for a show bunny.
We have 2 cats now, sisters adopted from shelter. I raised hamsters most of my life... and have always wanted a rabbit...the Netherland Dwarf seems perfect for us. We are animal lovers and would love to surprise my daughter for her birthday the end of oct.
Any help in finding one, tips, advise on these sweet little animals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Amy

Rachel Green - 2009-08-29
I have a common garden much loved spayed male rabbit and I would like a companion for him, I.E another bunny. Benni is a much loved family indoor bunny. He has plenty of freedom outside his cage of a day time and is a nice friendly rabbit. My local pet shop has netherland dwarf rabbits for sale 2 males and 2 females and I must admit I have fallen in love with one of the females and I am considering buying her as a companion for Benni. We have 2 cats who we mainly keep away from Benni, although we do allow a small amount of close attended contact to enable Benni's safety, and ensure there is no pet jealousy. Benni obviously would love to frolic with the cats but they stare at him rather aloofly hence my desire for a companion for Benni. Benni is now a year old and I would like advice as to whether a female would be an ideal companion for a spayed male or should we go for a male (which we would get spayed in the future). The cats would obviously only meet the new arrival through the bars of the cage and we would introduce Benni and his new play mate gradually, keeping them in separate cages until we are sure they can happily share Benni's larger cage. Any advice gratefully received.

zyron - 2009-08-24
can you breed neverland and dutch rabbits

Anonymous - 2009-08-22
I had one that lived up to 14 years old. This breed has the most variety of personalities. You'll never know what you're going to have. They range from extremely friendly to extremely aggressive. Some eat vegetables and some prefer only grains. Some don't enjoy being outside. Some do. Some like being picked up and be petted, even some licking your neck for saltiness, and some don't. My first rabbit enjoyed sitting on my leather couch while my second wants to get out of there ASAP! Weird, huh?

T davies - 2009-08-18
I have just gotten my first neverland dwarf rabbit, mine is 1 year old female so we just called her libby. Her last owner just bred her so I thought it would be nice to give her a home. Libby is very tame and loves her new hutch as it's a lot bigger than the 1 she was in. I would recommend this type of rabbit to other people. She loves to be handled by myself and my children.