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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Sabrina - 2010-02-08
Just to let you know, you do not have to puut your rabbit down. It just has snuffles which is when a rabbits nose is runny or wet and they sneeze, will pass evenily. I am into 4-h rabbits and have menny rabbits at home. Don't worry, your rabbit will be fine and your last rabbit that had diarrhea did not have to be put down. My rabbit spunky got diarrhea 5 times because he kept eating to much apple.

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  • Jenny - 2010-04-24
    What does 4 H rabbit stand for?
  • lewi - 2010-05-29
    Hi sabrina glad to hear that we have a six week old blue
    we got from a well known big pet supplier here in the uk
    and she has snuffles keep reading oh its fatal and all that,
    so yours got better?
    Love to hear more can I send you my email?
sierrah - 2010-05-16
I have two dwarf rabbits they are amazing...but they have been humping each other lately( the breeder said they were both girls)...anyways we think she is pregnant because she is getting very territorial lately and she is pulling fur off the other rabbit and I have read online that they do that to nest for their young...I just wanted to know how to take care of the babies when they are born like if there are any special things needed to keep them all healthy?

Terri-lea cook - 2010-04-20
I got joey my netherland dwarf 11 months ago he's so cheeky and tries to push my buttons sometimes when we first got him he was so tame and liked being picked up. He lives indoors with me and my partner and loves having run of our home. But recently after moving he has gained a bad attitude and has bitten me which then told me it was time to get him neutered, which i was told would better his temper but nearly two months later he still believe it or not grunts and goes for me sometimes. I'm at ends with what to do with him I buy him treats and toys and take great care with him. I have been contemplating whether to get him a mate but I need advice on what to do with him because I'm scared to go near him and will never pick him up because he's just so unpredictable. Please any suggestions or advice is welcome. What should I do next?

joseph vella - 2010-04-13
How long does the dwarf rabbit live?

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  • Lauren Smith - 2010-04-24
    5-8 years but some can live longer.
Marlee - 2010-01-04
Can neatherland rabbits be outside like in a porch ? i am getting a rabbit in march and thinking of breeding, i am still learning about them and really need to know if it can be outside. if they can how cold or hot can it be ?


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  • Kelsi - 2010-03-13
    Yes they can! I have a rabbit and she lives outside in a hutch. The only thing that you need to take caution in is that when it gets under 50 degrees outside you need to have some towels over her cage! But when it gets over 50 degrees then you need to take the towels off otherwise it might get too hot in side of its cage! I hope that this will help you a lot! :)
  • Paradise - 2010-04-01
    Yes Netherland Dwarfs can be outside.You can not take them inside and outside or they will die. If it is below 30 degrees you might want to put some bedding in there or they will freeze to death.I have to say it is much easier to take care of a rabbit outside then it is inside. Good Luck!
  • taylor - 2010-04-03
    If you buy/build a hutch you can put it on the porch. It should be fine in the winter but on those hot summer days spray its ears with cold water.
  • sierrah - 2010-05-16
    Well it depends how big the porch is and what the weather is like outside.
Sabrina - 2010-02-08
Your rabbit has sore hock. That is when the skin and fur is rubbed away and it bleeds.
Put wood or carpit in its cage so it can get off the wire if it is in a hutch.

Allaynnah Faulkner - 2010-01-31
I don't know what to do, my dwarf rabbit is a female and I've had her for almost 6 mon. I think she is a netherland dwarf and I heard it's not normal for them to lay down on their sides, but she does it a lot lately. I walked into my room and I saw blood in her cage! She also wasn't peeing in her toilet thing. She's acting really tense like she's in a lot of pain. She doesn't want to move. what is wrong and what do I do?

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  • Kiwi - 2010-03-26
    How is your rabbit doing? Did you bring her to the veternairian?
  • taylor - 2010-04-03
    She could be pregnant.
mel - 2010-01-09
HELP my rabbit was sneezing this morning and hasnt sneezed since but her nose is wet. Is she ill do i need to take her o th vet? I'm worried my last rabbit got ill with diahorrea and i had to have her put down!!!!!!

BJ - 2010-01-01
Rabbits do not have a period like humans do.

Pamela - 2009-12-26
I have a 2 month old Netherland Dwarf doe, and I'm just wandering, when will she get her period if rabbits do get them?