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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Paula - 2004-12-23
We just got our bunny about 3 weeks ago. She is a silver marten and the most loving little girl you ever want to meet. She loves to kiss us on the chin. Her name is Kady and we have two guinea pigs that she likes to box. I am so glad that my little girl wanted to get her. I have had big rabbits in the past but this little girl is so special.

Paula, Baton Rouge, LA

Dominic Delamarter - 2004-12-14
I just got a dwarf bunny he is very lovable he is the best pet ever!!! His name is Snickers he loves to be held!!!!

Dominic.D. - 2004-12-11
I just got a Dwarf bunnie on December 9. I named him Snickers. he is adorabie and I love him very much. he loves to cuddle us. he is the best pet ever!

Carrie - 2004-11-29
Netherland dwarfs are a WONDERFUL pet to have. I have 7. We had two before, but they had babies!!! Baby bunnies are SO cute.

Laura - 2004-11-21
I had a rabbit and it was sweet but then started biting and growling but they are very sweet still. BY.Laura Dean FROM.Goergetown s.c.

Joe Mcscoogel - 2004-11-21
i got my pet rabbit at the age of 2. The moment i saw his little white nose and whiskers i fell in love. I am twelve now and trix my rabbit passed away yesterday at 4:44. I cried my eyes out. SO if you are looking for a great pet get a RABBIT. P.S...... never leave your rabbit in a cold damp place.

Amanda - 2004-11-05
this is the cutest rabbit i wish you would put more pics on this site and good luck

MacKenzie Scully - 2004-11-04
I have a black and white dwarf rabbit. His name is Thumper and he is now only 10-12 months old. He has a good and high quality temperment! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!*

zoey - 2004-10-30
my rabbit is a netherland dwarf i cant let it out it runs away it ran or walked 5 km once

erica - 2004-10-18
I received Chomper as a gift a little less than a year ago and I fell in love right away. He is loveable and energetic and extremely curious. His favorite activity is exploring my room. Whenever I am sad, he seems to know and gives me lots of "kisses" and even seems to try to make me laugh by doing his flips in the air. He is one of my best friends and the reason I got an addition to our little family (Ninja) a month ago.