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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Devynn - 2005-06-24
My bunnies name is Bobby and he is very cuddely. He is not a very active bunny but I still love him very much... And I always will.

Claudine - 2005-06-24
Denny-my dwarf bunny-unfortunately passed away on Sunday-Father's Day. I got him for my 17th bday and he literally meant the world to me. Many people say, "its just a bunny." But, to me, Denny was much more than that. He was my companion and buddy, we'd go running around my house, he'd lick my arms whenever I patted him the way he liked. He'd rub his little nose against my face if/when I was sad, like he actually knew something wasn't right. Each Christmas, he'd be with the rest of my family, tearing up the wrapping paper. He'd run up and down the stairs. Mind you...he did do a good number on the furniture and the phone cords, but, was he ever cute!! Denny was 2 months shy of turning 9. Hands down-he was the best little guy in the world. I'm currently 26yrs old, and I'm getting teary eyed...I miss him more than people will ever know. Love you lots Denny-TCCIC...

cassie - 2005-06-20
my rabbit is called smudge and he is absolutely gorgeous. he never bites, he just licks me constantly because he luvs me to bits, lol. he always nudges my foot when it is above him, in the air. he luvs to run in and out of my table and chairs legs, running round the room as fast as he can. its a wonder he doesnt bang into any of the legs of the chairs. but i luv im to bits and these kind of rabbits are the sort of rabbits u just have to get. they are absolutely great fun and very very lovable!

Zach - 2005-06-09
These rabbits are so cute and they are calm.

Sami - 2005-06-08
my bunnies names are jack and yumi and they are so cute

Amy - 2005-06-03
Netherland dwarf bunnies are the best! They are the most cooperative, sweet, cleanest bunnies i've ever had. They are pretty easy to take care of, and an easy size to handle. These bunnies are so curious but smart.I actually find them to be a little smarter than a cat. I would defenitly tell people looking for a new pet to get Netherland dwarf bunny.

Krismo's Rabbitry - 2005-05-31
We have been breeding ARBA registered Netherland Dwarfs for a year and a half. We show at ARBA shows and breed quality rabbits. But, I know for a fact that Netherland Dwarfs colors castor, californian, red, or seal are from bad breeding choices. You can not show these colors at ARBA shows because they are not recognized. These are the 24 recognized ARBA Netherland Dwarf Colors. Black, Blue, chocolate, Lilac, Ruby-eyed white, Blue-eyed white, sable point, siamese sable, siamese smoke pearl, tortoise shell, chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal, squirrel, otter, sable marten, silver marten, smoke pearl marten, tan, fawn, himalayan(not californian!!)orange, and steel

emma - 2005-05-31
hi my rabbit is cute. she is called snuggles she does amazing tricks and isnt scared of my cats, my cats are scared of her

Jamie - 2005-05-26
I have a netherland dwarf and believe me on this, they are great! My rabbit was in the past abused. When i got her my neighbor who got my rabbits sister, said" Toastie (my rabbit) is known to bite, scratch, and growl. From what i see she just needs love like humans do. Treat animals with care especially rabbits. I suggest if you want a pet to get a netherland, they are the best friends and pets you will have. dont hold back research then go get one. They are great for being pets in show and mostly an everlasting friend even when they are gone. They are great with other pets even my dog gives Toastie kisses on the nose. They are also great with all ages even parents.
they are really fun. me and my sisters love them! they are cute and cuddly. we got ours from the paper. we got a girl and boy they came together. there names are salt and pepper.

Anonymous - 2005-05-24
My netherland dwarf is the sweetest little animal you can imagine!! I love having her and I play with her all the time and if you are looking to adopt a rabbit, this is the perfect kind. I live in an apartment and they are great living there, or when I go on vacation she's great living there too. My rabbit is litterbox trained and her 'play pen' is the easiest thing to clean. Netherland dwarf rabbits are the best!