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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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`Andrea - 2005-07-21
I have an adorable rabbit, Pippin. I guess a lot of people name their rabbits Pippin. He's a senior and VERY shy. He's very cute. I'd suggest Netherland Dwarfs to any body looking for a rabbit so cute that they would kill themselves to spend 1 minute with it.

spolie_olie - 2005-07-21
I just got my netherland dwarf yesterday, and i say its the best pet in the world. she was the runt of the bunch but now shes doing great! Her name is Lexus and she is 6 monthes old with grey fur. this is the first rabbit i have ever had and i hope it wont be last.

JessicPaulding - 2005-07-18
I have an adorable Netherland Dwarf Bunny named Bun-bun- what else?! she is white with black spots around her eyes, hips, tails, cheeks, and back. I love her alot!

Anonymous - 2005-07-14
they also come in white with black ears and noses.

Gloria - 2005-07-14
We have a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit that is a year and a half old, named Cinnabun. He has the most adorable personality and loves attention and companionship. He loves to run fast around the house, and he loves running up and down the stairs. When we lay on the floor with him, he climbs all over us and jumps over our legs over and over again. He is the sweetest thing, "binkying" and licking us. I highly recommend the Netherland Dwarf, they have such interesting personalities, and such a loving nature.

Me ( a girl whOs NAme StArtS WIth An A) - 2005-07-14
I just got my first rabbit in late Febuary 2005, a netherland dwarf. He is kind of friendly and very cute.( more friendly than when we got him ) I decided to look stuff up on the internet to see if their naturaly like that.
From what I see they just a little bit of attenton and alot of
love. If I was to suggest which rabbit to get as your fist I'd say NETHERLAND DWARF! (or possibly, maybe...a holland lop) BUT NETHERLAND DWARFS ARE WAY CUTER!

Andrea - 2005-07-12
I have a netherland dwarf named Pippin. I've had him for a while now. He's a senior. He's really cute and shy. The second week after he had adjusted to his home he was SUPER shy but was getting more friendly. I think netherland dwarfs are little and easy to care for, and get more friendly after a little love, and love and more love....

Jody Adler - 2005-07-11
I have a neatherland Dwarf Rabbit. her name is velvet and she is very friendly. she likes to jump around in her play area that we made and we let her run on the bed and the floor. She has a harness that I put on her and she is very lively and cute. they are very good pets if trained. Jody Adler Washington Iowa

Allie Haltof - 2005-07-06
Our bunny Patches and our dog Benjy get along very well when they are outside. They are both very social. I think Patches is very cute.

mark - 2005-07-02
We had a Netherland Dwarf bunny named Pilot. We bought him as a tiny baby from a swapmeet of all places. He was the most wonderful little guy. His character was perfect, and was the definition of the word cute. If anything startled him, he would sit up on my shoulder. He used to give bunny kisses to cheer you up. He would often try jumping right into your arms. Just looking at him would make you smile, I miss him so badly. He passed away on June 30th, 2005 from a GI problem that he had all his little life. We tried EVERYTHING for him. I loved that little bunny like he was my baby :-( Please god, take care of Pilot till I can see him again.