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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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THUMPER - 2005-10-04
My family and I have had a dwarf bunny now for two and a half years. He is the most adorable pet you can have. He loves papaya so, if he finds the papaya package on the gound, he will try to rip it open(he once did and ate all of it!) I find it very easy to care for him because he is loving and so caring. Once i took him outside and he did not run away. Now and then he likes a spot of fresh air, so he take him for a walk around our front yard with no leash or harness. He is sucessfully housebroken as well. I love my bunny so much, I do not know what I will do when he passes on.

Mickey Culligan - 2005-09-30
I Had a Netherland Drawf Bunny named Joey. Because when he was a baby I would put him in my shirt and flip the bottom up. He looked like a little baby kanagroo just hanging out. Hence: Joey. Joey was a great bunny and I could even hold him like a baby! But when I got a female and bred Joey with her he became very very aggresive and even jumped out of his cage at me! no one could ever figure out what was wrong with him!

Danielle - 2005-09-30
I just got a black himalayan colored netherland dwarf. I got her at an auction. We rescue rabbits at auctions. We named her daisy. She is our most friendly rabbit! She loves being petted, and loves to be held. We may breed her in the spring. She is absolutly sweet and verrrry cute! This is a great breed, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a baby to spoil!!

kirsty ward - 2005-09-17
our netherland dwarf rabbit, Benjamin is now nearly ten years old but still looks like a baby. he has always been a house rabbit and loves anywhere warm whether it be a patch of sun through the window in summer or under the radiator in winter. he loves chocolate and cream crackers and paws at your legs if he knows you have some and aren't sharing it with him. he now lives with two greyhounds, meg and milo, but they are very good with him. although he tries his best to torment them sometimes, as he knows they aren't allowed to chase him! recently he was a bit poorly with a possible heart condition but he is well now and back to his normal cheeky self!
Kirsty and Andrew, West Yorkshire, England

alexa - 2005-09-17
I have Two Netherland Dwarts. They are the best rabbits ever. I show and breed other rabbits.We have just stated with this breed and we love them very much. They make great pets.

Ashleigh - 2005-09-16
I have a Neverland Dwarf rabbit who is black otter coloured. Her name is PIP and even though she is only a few months old, she has already won a cutest rabbit competition and her dad was a show bunny. They are gorgeus pets and really get along with humans- they are very cheeky!!

Jacqui - 2005-09-08
Hi my name is Jacqui and my best friend Nicole has two baby netherland dwarf bunnies, and they are soooooooo cute! (The black one we think is a boy) always hops around, and you can hold him like a baby. The other one she has is a pure white red ruby eyed bunny who likes u constantly! They are both very small and are sweet and are worth getting! Nicole takes care of them just like they were her children. Nicole's dog mikey always licks them and follows them anywhere they go. Nicole's Rabbits have convinced me of getting a dwarf rabbit like hers. If u are looking to get a rabbit then always take care of them and don't let the other animals get a hold on your bunny. -Jacqui

madeleine - 2005-09-06
I have two adorable netherland dwarf rabbits they are sooooo cute and easy to look after and I love their pointy ears

Jennifer - 2005-09-05
We just got Cheaster our first dwarf from a high school for free. He is just 6weeks old and full of love. We also have year old "farm" rabbit named Bunny. Bunny and Cheaster are very different. Cheaster likes to lick and be held and Bunny likes to bite and stay in her hut. I would stick to dwarf bunnies in the future and recommend them to anyone interested in rabbits. Now, Bunny was litter trained at an early age no problem. I am having trouble litter training Cheaster and getting him to drink from the rabbit bottle. He likes to drink from a dish and get all wet. He then hops in the litter box and get caked in litter. We have to give him a bath to get rid of the mess on his feet. Wish i didn't have to bathe him every morning but he doesn't seem to mind. We are hoping with age he will get a little smarter.

Penny - 2005-09-05
We have a Dwarf rabbit, her name is "Hoppy" short for "MS Hops a Lot".
She is great with the kids. Every once in awhile she will attempt to bite. We do the bad bunny things and put her head down to show that we are the dominate ones. It's so funny because she will pout. She loves to ride in the car, to get brushed, and to play in boxes that have paper in them. She loves her "rabbit tunnel" and her house. She does tricks that make us laugh. she gives rabbit kisses and will come to us and give us rabbit kisses. She is a welcome edition to our home. She is even litter box trained with no problem at all. Great pet for the house. I have a daughter who is allergic to everything, but seems not to have a problem with the rabbit. Of course she's not allowed to put it near her face either.