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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Stefanie - 2006-02-25
I love netherland dwarfs. I recently bunny sat my Vet Assisting bunny at my high school. He is such a fun bunny to have around and is not big. His name is Tater and is soo cute. I am planning on buying one soon. I would tell someone that wants a bunny to get a netherland dwarf because of their personalities.

Amanda - 2006-02-21
I recently bought a dwarf rabbit. I haven't had her for a week yet but she is the cutest thing ever! She is very loving, funny, and hyper! She is the best bet i've had so far!

Samantha - 2006-02-20
I have an 8 week old Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Sqirt, she was born on New Years eve. I love her soo much. These Rabbits can become a hand full at times but they are a great pet to have. Squirts growing rapidiy day by day but shes still has a way to go! I'd recommend this pet to anyone who has a nice tidy, quiet and bunny-proof house. They are great.

Claire Sharp - 2006-02-20
I have a beautiful 7 month old netherland dwarf called Miffy. She is a funny character who runs around her run in circles at feeding time. She often sits in her hay ball and puts her head out of the top like a look out post. Miffy is a lovely pet, she likes to nibble our trousers when we clean her pen and hutch out. i would recommend this breed to any body.

michelle - 2006-02-17
I have two netherland dwarfs at home that are going to turn five this March. The Opal is Colt and the Blue Otter is Remington. they are brothers and I drove two hours to pick them up. Ther were only 3 months old. My fiancee was not sure but now after almost 5 years he loves those little bunnies and even gets on the floor to play with them.

Esther - 2006-02-16
My favorite animal is a dolphin. Since we live in Oregon, there's no possibility of getting a dolphin! So, I might be getting a Netherland Dwarf from my local pet store soon. I've been tossing the idea around for 3 years, and I really hope so, because they look about the size and the personality I want. I want to get two, so one doesn't freeze in the cold front we're having. I'll probably only end up with one, though. I'm really excited because I've told my friends about the possibility of me getting a rabbit, but I haven't broken the wonderful news to any of them yet. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces tomorrow on the bus! I hope the Netherland Dwarf works out! -Esther, 12

Demi - 2006-02-04
I just bought a Netherland Dwarf today(2-4-06) and so far i'm really enjoying her. her name is Thunper. I love rabbits they are my favorite animals. When ever i'm laying down and I call her name she jumps on me and starts to lick me. She's about 6 weeks old and I love her!

Katie - 2006-02-03
i had two dwarf rabbits, ruby and bouncey. i loved them so much. when bouncey died from an ear infection ruby was left alone. we would let the rabbits run free in the cage and heard them in at night-(very obedient. ruby would always lick my arm (so cute). then we got a small puppy and she hassled the rabbits and ran around them when we took them into the house. then one day ruby LEAPED at the puppy and the puppy got such a shock and was so scared that she hid behind the curtain for the rest of the night (so very funny). in the end while ruby was playing one day a nasty EVIL cat took her away from her only family left and her only home!
we love u Ruby Tuesday AND Bouncey Biscuit!

Emily - 2006-01-30
I thought Thumper the Netherland Dwarf was so cute! I dont have a rabbit myself but if i ever get one i will get a Netherland Dwarf!

madeleine - 2006-01-28
Hi! I have two adorable netherland dwarfs called Bambi(an albino) and Thumper (grey). they are both brothers even thogh Bambi is much smaller. They love running around our big back garden and cuddling up to each other on my lap! they are really amusing some times, especially when they decide to try and make friends with the birds!! But they are very lovely and fluffy. I love them very much! for any one that is thinking about getting one I highly recommend it.