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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Brittany 10 - 2006-03-20
Mr Boots is my first drawf bunny. He is white with brown on his nose, ears, tail and looks like he is wearing boots (thats why we call him Mr boots). He is the most lovable bunny I have every seen. He thinks he is a dog. He runs up to people when they walk in the house because he wants to be petted . He will let me carry him around like a baby and he sits in our laps when watching T.V. When we have family talks he must be included in everything. I do believe he understands what we are saying. he loves to sleep by my pillow at night. I dont like the little gifts he leaves me on my bed sometimes but I love him lots!

kristy martin - 2006-03-18
My Netherland Dwarf Lillie has the best personality that I have ever seen in a rabbit. She is very out going and full of life and laughs!!

Katie - 2006-03-17
i've had my netherland dwarf for only a week, but he is an amazing pet. he spends the night in his cage but in the morning i move the cage into the bathroom so he has access to more space. he loves running around that bathroom. i just can't get over how precious the little fur ball is! he's silver/grey with dark eyes and he just has the most friendly and outgoing and cuddly personality! if you're thinking about getting a bunny, i think netherland dwarfs are the way to go!

Tori - 2006-03-13
My dwarfs name is Buster and he is all white with electric blue eyes and he likes to hide on the couch and when you sit down he jumps up on you and waits to get petted its really cute.

Amanda M - 2006-03-12
My bunny bluebell is the cutest dwarf bunny. she is white and brown and is very friendly!

***melmister*** - 2006-03-05
i have the cutest gray netherland dwarf rabbit called pebble. i had her when she was 8 weeks old for my birthday. my parents bought her from pets at home in park trostre, in wales. she has a black nose, paws, and ears. she also has a white belly and sadly a catarak in her left eye. she has just started to do back flips.

patsy - 2006-03-05
hi, my name is patsy. i just got a netherland dwarf 2 weeks ago. i named her sierra. sierra is very dark brown, with a little white on her chin. she is very soft. sierra is fast, and can jump high. my brother calls her the most 'wascalliest wabbit' he's ever seen! i call her my 'funny bunny'. sierra is just a baby still, so she eats and drinks a lot. we are training her to come, and to use the bathroom in one place of her hutch. her toenails are a little sharp, so i wouldn't recommend holding her with bare arms. as a treat, sierra likes banana, carrot, and celery. netherland dwarfs are great!

patsy...almost 14 - sierra...about 9 weeks

Courtney Taylor - 2006-03-04
I just got my dwarf rabbit for my birthday. Her name is Dilila. I am so happy because she is so nice and adorable. I love her cute little ears. She always falls asleep in my lap and i just love her so much. I never had a rabbit before so i am trying to take extra extra good care of her. And i have 4 cats and a dog. my dog is scared of her for some reason and my cats just like to watch her so nothing bad has really happened yet.

cody - 2006-02-28
i have a netherland dwarf feamale baby rabbit called Thumper i got her in Darwin! She puts a smile back on to my face!

Cathy, NH, USA - 2006-02-28
Rabbits are great pets, but Netherland Dwarfs are especially great. I believe that all rabbits should be kept in the house as cats are. Rabbits are so much like cats only better because they are not as destructive to furniture and carpets as cats are. ND's are extremely sociable and need daily contact with their humans to be happy. Stroke them, hug them (gently), speak softly and kindly to them. ND's will listen to you and if you are consistent in your comments like, "don't touch that," or "want some food," they will respond like dogs do. I can tell one of my ND bunnies, "want some food?" and he makes a bee-line for his cage and sticks his nose in his dish. Always be gentle, always be kind, speak to and interact with your bunny and you will have a great life together. Also, BE CAREFUL, don't step on your bunny. That is a real danger. I did it once when my female moved under my foot just as I was putting it down. I almost crushed her rib cage, but she was only bruised.