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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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leann - 2006-06-02
hey well i just went and got me a 6 week old fawn netherland dwarf rabbit and i named him butter scotch and there is some things that i was told and just a little confused but i guess i will find them out well as of now he is a cute little calm rabbit and so far has worked out really good

Kimmy - 2006-05-28
Netherland Dwarfs are usually very calm and a bundle of joy... it may also be just me but Vladek (my rabbit) is extremely hard to take care of. He cannot eat ANY kind of vegetable due to their small bodies... alfafa hay causes internal bleeding... and a slight degree change could be fatal! He only eats 1/4 cup of pellets a day. Is this just my rabbit or others? Please mail me if you know:

jodi - 2006-05-26
I have a blue netherland dwarf named Venus. She is so sweet! She gives kisses and even takes naps with me. I give her yogurt treats.. and she loves them! Snatches them right out of my hand. I would definently suggest a netherland dwarf as a pet. They are great!

Rebecca O'Brien - 2006-05-19
I have three Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, two Chinchillas, one Peruvian Guinea Pig and a Westie Dog. They all get along great. My special rabbit is Brownie. He is six years old. I bought him from the Michigan State Fair. Unfortunately, after I had him about a year we realized that he has the teeth problem. The vet told me to put him down. But instead, I have been cutting his teeth every two weeks for the past 5 years. He knows this is keeping him alive. I love him dearly. I can see him aging but he is happy. He is out most of the day with the other animals. He is the animal in charge. In 2005 I purchased

*Ruby* - 2006-05-18
Hi me and my boyfriend live in a flat together and we have a gorgeous little black dwarf rabbit. She is called Roxy and loves to nibble on our furniture (so watch out!). Roxy loves to have lots of cuddles and suprisingly she knows her name, when we call her name she comes running! How cute!
We have had her for 4 months and she is just the best!
Anyway i think if you are choosing to get a rabbbit, choose a dwarf rabbit they are the best!

Anonymous - 2006-05-05
we have a netherland dwarf rabbit called alfie, idea for people with busy lives, cute, friendly and loving!!

frankie - 2006-05-03
i have a Netherland Dwarf and a Netherland regular. The dwarf, her name is Clover, and the big boys name is Patches. They are real sweet. ok bye!

Mallory - 2006-04-25
These kinds of rabbits are so cute.I have one of those kinds of rabbits at home.

erica - 2006-04-24
i have a black and white Dwarf named Pepper. Pepper has a funny personality. She loves to lick my face! If I'm laying down, she'll hop up on me and just sit there. She loves to sprawl herself out and watch everything. She loves to run around and does her crazy bunny hop. She loves corners! And it was really easy to potty train her. Usually I can tell when she's hungry or moody. She's so cute!!!

Kel - 2006-04-21
I have two Netherland Dwarfs, a male named Apollo and a female named Gypsy. They have such different personalities!! They are both very gentle and never bite. Apollo is very affectionate and sweet, Gypsy is adventurous and curious, also a little rebellious. They are about 6 weeks old and will be going to the vet in a few weeks for a pre-checkup to get neutered/spayed. My family has two Dutch rabbits at home and the only big difference I see right now is size and temperament. The Netherlands are sweet but not as calm as the Dutches were, which is fine now because I'm a college student.