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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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jessica - 2006-08-06
I just got my netherland dwarf rabbit today she is a pure bred, 4 month old bunnie, we bought from our county fair. She won second place in the show and her name is Eowyn out of Lord of the Rings. She has been very shy these past couple of hours but seems to respond to her name well.

Elizabeth g. - 2006-08-05
i just recently got one of these and highly recommend them
they are so cute and cuddly!

Emily - 2006-08-03
This is emily again (the one who owned eddie.) Yesterday i bought a chestnut colored female netherland dwarf and named her miley lynn. I am very happy, and so far she is very sweet, and very easy to train.

rhiannon, ireland - 2006-08-03
We just got our rabbit, and he is so sweet! He gets along really well with our 3 female guinea pigs, which we worried about, as they can be quite unfriendly at times! he is friendly, but a little nervous. he moves quickly, so needs supervision, but is generally well behaved. he eats the same as our guinea pigs, grain, pellets, lettuce, hay, etc. we're really happy with him and have named him jack.

Emily - 2006-08-01
I have recenty had a netherland dwarf named Eddie. Eddie was perfect but seemed lonely, so i got him a friend (a guinea pig, big mistake. Eddie was young so i figured he would be ok with the guinea pig and would enjoy his company. When i first put them together, they were fine but after a while i noticed that they fought a little. i figured that they would work it out, but I kept having to break the 2 up and put them in different cages. One night i woke up for no reason. I just happened to hear slight thumping in the cage. I had noticed days before that he had a tendency to stare at the celing, this was a concern. I looked in the cage to find eddie having seizures. I freaked out so i grabbed a towel and picked him up. I held eddie for hours, crying, waiting for someone to get up in my family. Now i realize how much i love netherland dwarfs, and i am getting another one soon.

Debra - 2006-07-28
I just got my N. bunny and named it snikers. I am 10 years old and it is my very own pet! It loves to be out of the cage and hops back in when it has to go potty. It loves Alfalfa hay and DOES NOT like It likes sweet things (sweet potato, apples.) The pet store says it is 8mo old, but my vet says younger. I am so glad my mom and dad got me this bunny. She is my best friend for life.

Veronica - 2006-07-26
I love my netherland dwarf rabbit. She is so tiny and loves to be cuddled, as long as she's not held...she hates that. But I have to say, after being with her for 12 years and still going, (I got her when I was 7 and I'm 19 now) she's definitely the best rabbit, and oldest rabbit I've ever had.

Amanda - 2006-07-24
I have one named Rosie, and if you decide to get one, make sure you play with it regularly or else it will get really mean and try to bite you any time you stick your hand in it's cage (even to feed it)! I found this out the hard way.

Soozi - 2006-07-23
Our little dwarf rabbit is named Bunners, after a childhood pet (wild) baby rabbit. I got him from a family whose kids had grown and Bunners was spending all his time in a small glass tank. He's about 7 yrs old and crippled: his right front shoulder was dislocated when he was dropped years ago. He had an inguinal hernia, which we had surgically corrected, along with neutering. He's gained back the weight and good health he'd lost and is sweet, loving, smart, and very happy now. He's in a big cage (without the horrible wire mesh floor) and gets lots of "hop-around-time" out of the cage. Our female beagle loves him and they often lie down together when Bunners is out of the cage. What a wonderful pet he is! We adore him!

Natasha R. - 2006-07-19
I have had a dwarf bunny for exactly three years now and my bunny cannot get any cuter. He weighs three pounds and is a dark chocolate brown. He is housebroken and he always comes when he is called. I don't know what I would do without him. He loves to munch on dry papaya, sesame seeds, fresh banana, oatmeal and apple and most definitely carrots. This bunny is my present, past and future!