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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Darla Perea - 2006-11-28
I have had my Netherland Dwarf, Duncan, for about 5 yrs. She is pretty bossy, likes to have her food bowl held after filling so she can pick out what she wants, then you can set it down. She loves to sleep in old T-Shirts and loves to play in paper sacks. I have two cats that are her best friends. When I let Duncan out to play they run like crazy all over the house then jump up on my bed to rest. If she thinks I am leaving for work before feeding her she will hang from the top of her cage. Duncan is my second rabbit and just love her to pieces. Sometimes we just sit on the floor and she sleeps in my lap. If she doesn't like you or doesn't know you she will growl and charge at you. For such a little bunny she sure has a BIG personality.

Fariha Saleh - 2006-11-16
I have a Netherland Dwarf and her name is Dreamer. She's really small and is a light brown color. She's really sweet and energetic. She's a wonderful pet. People should consider Netherland Dwarf rabbits most of the time for pets.

jin - 2006-11-04
ok, here's the thing, i love my "dwarf". he was the cutest thing when i first got him (they told me he was a she... i found out a year later that my darling Lola was actually a boy bunny!). anyway, hE was really small and fuzzy when i got him, and i thought he would stay small and fuzzy. i've had him for almost two years and he's bigger than most small dogs! he's still adorable but i don't know what happened. he looks like a dwarf enough... only bigger. oh well!

brynn - 2006-10-03
this is my first Netherland dwarf and he is the sweetest rabbit i have ever had. he has the most beautiful eyes and the cutest face i have ever seen. he is so gentle, i have had little kids hold him and he never bites or scratches them. i love netherland dwarfs and i know that you will too!

Lauren - 2006-10-03
I think the Netherland dwarfs make great companions and bring great joy to a persons life.

Tori Bland - 2006-09-10
I got a pet dwarf rabbit last year. I named him Teddy. I think if more people got rabbits or other animals the world would be a better place.

Nikki - 2006-08-25
These bunnies are so cute and they like to cuddle. I really recommend one of these playful little things to everybody.

christy - 2006-08-21
wow on september 10 2005 i bought a baby netherland dwarf. he was only just weaned and was 1 month and 14 days old. he was adorable. i brought him home immediatly and called him benjamin. he is now over a year old and he is munching on some hay. he lives with a male guinea pig and they are best friends. i have entered my self in 4-H and will be at the cobble hill fair saanich fair and cowichan exhibition. they are great pets, best friends, and cuter than you can imagine. i recommend them to anyone and evryone.

Sami - 2006-08-18
this is the cutest little bunny on animal-World!

Mayumi - 2006-08-13
I have a rabbit named Cocoa and i got it for easter,
I love it alot.