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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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NJ - 2007-02-22
I have a REW Dwarf Netherland. She is adorable. She enjoys playing with our guinea pig and our Yorkshire Terrier (under supervision). She likes to snuggle, jump in the air and lick family members. She does not seem to like our cockatiel. When the bird is around she frequently makes a thumping sound. I love our Keray, she's been a loving friendly rabbit since the first day

Demi - 2007-02-17
We bought a n. dwarf bunny and she is so cute. her name is cuddles. she is vicious sometimes but she can cuddle too, and we love when she runs around. she jumps and she is everywhere.

Amber - 2007-02-07
I just bought a grey netherland dwarf i named him Sidney, and he is just the cuttest thing ever. Every morning when i go to get his food he stands up and hangs on his cage, he knows that he is going to get fed. he is only 3 months old. he doesnt like being held but loves when i scratch behind his ears. He loves my dog to. they get along just great! When he is happy he jumps really high and runs back and forth really fast! I cant blink because he'll be somewhere else when i open my eyes. He hides underneath my entertainment center when he hears noise. He loves timothy hay, do not feed your bunny alfalfa it is BAD for them. N. dwarfs are the best bunnies ever and they make a wonderful pet.

Katrina - 2007-01-30
I own a black and tan netherland dwarf called fluffy. She lives inside. she loves to jump on the couch and will chase me if i have a fruit bar. she loves to eat. she lets us know when shes crabby as she grunts. She loves to follow me everywhere.

Caroline - 2007-01-11
Our first dwarf lived 15 and 1/2 years, dying on jan 1, 2000. he was a mellow male and lived mostly outdoors until he was about 12 and then we kept him indoors. after he died we got another dwarf and she was named gonzo because of her wild climbing and jumping stunts. she would leap from the sofa across a 3 foot gap and land on the papa san chair that she loved to play in. unfortunately she died from a diarrhea/dehydration disorder when she was only 9 months old. very sad to see her go so we again bought a silver marteen colored dwarf and have had her for 6 and 1/2 years, she has never seen grass or been out of the house. gizmo gets to roam the dining and living room areas because we have rabbit-proofed them against chewing. she gets lots of attention and is very much a part of the family. loves to be petted but does not like being picked up at all. likes to sprint around at top speed and is vocal with humming when she's happy and grunting when she is upset. hope she is around for many more years.

Kirsten - 2007-01-10
My fiance and I just bought a grey netherland dwarf and named her Trixie. She is full of spunk and has quite the personality. She has taken to rolling on the floor like puppy. She comes alive at night when Peter gets home, she knows she's getting some parsley and waits patiently for it when he walks in. She's been an amazing addition to our new home and our new lives.

kylie farley - 2006-12-25
On christmas eve I was given an orange Netherland Dwarf. I fell in love with the rabbit because of his type and looks. The Netherland Dwarfs are the best kind of rabbits for smaller children I think because they only get about 2 pounds. they also don't reqire many things, little food but lots of water and love.

Haley - 2006-12-11
I have a netherland dwarf himilayin buck named Thumper. i paid $50 for him at a show. He is the most correct dwarf i have ever seen! He has sired 3 litters and all 3 were beautiful! Some do have a bad temperament. i don't recommend all dwarfs for kids because some tend to be biters. But some are perfect for kids. Thumper only likes me, and me only! my brothers try to reach in his cage and he grunts and charges at them. when i let him go in the house he'll run around and when he gets scared he'll run back to me. he weighs only 1 pound. he is the most cutest dwarf i've ever seen! He looks a little bit like the "Thumper" above in that picture. i love my rabbit with all my heart!

Dee - 2006-12-08
I fell for a netherland rabbit in a petstore just about two months ago.
Having a rabbit for a pet has been well worth it. His name is Jasper
and hes full of life. He loves to cuddle and run in circles. People get right off on him mocking humans by standing for long periods of time and resting on his back. I honestly believe my mood has lightened since hes been here. Unfortunately he loves my ficus tree a little too much, I often catch him chewing on branches or munching on leaves. so happy he can be litter boxed trained though.

Veronica-20 - 2006-12-07
I just purchased my baby netherland dwarf last night while i was working. She is so cute and her name is Diamond. she is white with blue eyes... and very very fluffy like a cotton ball. I was told her dad was under a pound and her mom was only 1.1 pounds, so i am assuming she will stay very small. she is so gentle and just sits on my lap and licks me. in the past i had another bunny but he was huge and full of personality... and lived to 10 years old. but now i just moved to live with my husband and i cant get a dog just yet, so i brought home my diamond last night. i am so excited :)