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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Kendra - 2007-03-22
We just adopted a netherland dwarf bunny about a week ago. We named her Twinkles and she is the best bunny i ever had. She is already starting to come when i call her. When i come in the room where we keep her she stands on her two back paws, and her nose goes crazy. When i open the cage door and give her a treat (Romane lettuce) she gives me tiny little kisses all over my arm. She is so wonderful with my 8yr old daughter. We just learned today how to put her in a trance ( so we could trim her nails) and we got the biggest kick at of it

joyce - 2007-03-19
Our dwarf rabbit's name is ChiChi. My son got her about 5 months ago from an irresponsible pet store owner who sold her to my son when she was too young.Apparently, the store staff was not aware that ChiChi was a dwarf rabbit and that her age was only about 3 weeks instead of 8 weeks. He was told that ChiChi was a regular rabbit. Anyway, she got very sick and almost died on us. She was hospitalized for 4 days. Needless to say we took extra care of her when she came home from the hospital and got her spoil rotten. She is a beautiful and playful bunny. My husband and I are the ones who really take care of her. I taught her how to play hide and seek but her favorite game is how to play "toro"(bull). I put a napkin close to her and wave it as I say to her the word toro (just like the bullfighters do in Spain/ and other Spanish contries) and she will come charging in. I could swear that she laughs/ smiles once she gets the napkin. ChiChi also gives kisses, jumps high and does pirouets in the air. Since I am home recuperating from several surgeries, she has been my companion and a terrific source of therapy for me. I noticed that lately, she chews on her fur ( which is dense and very shinny) and wonder if other bunnies do the same or if this is another illness. Otherwise, shes got a good apetite, continues to be playful and just normal.

Kelly - 2007-03-16
ALOHA from Hawaii! I fell in love with the Netherland Dwarfs the first time I san them. I recently purchased a Netherland for my almost 6-year-old daughter. She named "her" Gabriella, Gabby for short. She's fun loving and very calm at most times. This is my daughters 3rd Netherland dwarf and shes loved them all! My daughter has asthma and this is a great pet to have for our situation. They are clean and very easy to care for. Gabby's a sweetheart!

Cait - 2007-03-05
i got a netherland dwarf a few months back, his name is elmo. he is amazing. he comes when called and runs to me when he is scared. he is so cute, I spend all my time with him. he is loads of fun! i know how you feel about giving them up.

Jaclyn - 2007-03-05
i just got a little dwarf bunny yesterday and he is so cute! I named him peanut and he is very sweet. he is still kind of scared because he is getting used to his new home but i think he is starting to like it. he likes to cuddle and hop around the room. hes so cute!

NJ - 2007-03-03
I found out that my girl bunny is a male bunny because his testicles descended. We call him Cottonkeray anyway, shortening to Cotton. I love my bunny. He is a REW and has become a major addition to the family. I was going to get him a playmate but he gets along well with all family members (except the bird), I know he's not lonely.

Tara - 2007-03-03
I got a netherland dwarf mix a few days ago. It is so cute! I love it because it is very easy to take care of and loves me a lot!

michelle - 2007-02-27
i got a netherland dwarf a couple days ago, she is the niceist rabbit i ever had. her name is blu eyes, she is white and very tiny. i could never imagine giving her up.

tracey - 2007-02-26
they so cute and very hoppie. they love apples, carrots and grass.

Anonymous - 2007-02-25
I love my netherland dwarf rabbit, she is so adorable and shes NO problem at all. I keep her inside because rabbits like it not too cold and not too hot. Im glad mom and dad let me have one she is very important to me!