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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Chad - 2007-06-14

I have 2 bunnys, Thumper and Rudy are their names. Thumper is so cute with longish white hair, red eyes, and really fat. Rudy is also very cute and tame with short white hair, red eyes, and is a normal dwarf rabbit size. I love my dwarf bunnys.
Chad R.6-14-07

Brad Duggan - 2007-06-06
My bunny skittles is so cute. he is grey and 3 years old, but still looks and acts like a baby. I love to see him do his funny jumps, and I also loving petting his soft fur while I pet my cutey. he's the best bunny ever.

BRITTANY - 2007-05-23
My name is Brittany. I have a Netherland Dwarf. His name is Chubby, he is gray and is about a year old. He is very loving. If you are holding him and start doing something else, he lets you know he wants your attention 'right now'. I got him not very long ago but I think that he is adjusting very well to his new home.

Kelsey Keates - 2007-05-21
I love bunnys. I have a Dwarf named Jinney and before I had a lop ear dwarf. I'm sure if they are Netherland Dwarf's, but I think they are. Kesley Keates Cavan, Ontario, Canada

The Thomas Family - 2007-05-21
Hi! We have been looking at Netherland Dwarfs for a little over 2 years (we did a lot of research and determined that this type of rabbit would best suit our family) and hadn't found just the right bunny to take home. We were on our way to an outing and had the sudden urge to visit the local animal shelter and there was the bunny we had been looking for. He is a smaller, 2 yr. old Netherland Dwarf, a silver marten. He is adorable with a super temperament. He is a happy, precious little guy - we are in love - he's absolutely wonderful. He was already harness trained and loves to go for walks. He resides in our home. He is completely litter trained. We take him with us everywhere, even to an outside bistro today and he was very well behaved, everyone loved him. We knew he was the right one the moment we saw him and after spending more time with him, we had no doubts. He is most certainly a part of our family now and we couldn't be happier. Our advise to anyone who is looking for any pet... research and take your time, it is definitely worth it!

Kelly - 2007-05-17
Hi I'm Kelly! My rabbits Sweetie and Cutie ran away and they won't come I'm saving up for a new bunny and I'm leaning toward to a Netherland Dwarf because they are so small and cute! But my mom is allergic to bunnies so it will have to live outside. I hope it will adjust!

Evelyn - 2007-05-17
We got a Netherland Dwarf Bunny last Saturday. He is absolutely WONDERFUL. He just got a bath tonight, as where he came from was not a wonderful smelling facility. There were other bunnies there, and he smelled like it... anyway, he is already litter trained. We used hamster potty litter, covered with shredded paper. He is so cute and VERY SWEET. He is about nine weeks old, and loves his new home. We got him a playpen, and litter box for his cage as well as the playpen. He has not had any accidents since Sunday. He is a wonderful little pet, and I look forward to having him for many many years. He was a great Mother's Day Present!

Linda - 2007-05-14
Hi, We got our Netherlands dwarf 3 weeks ago. She is very, very shy. We also have a polish dwarf, Holland lops and a Mini Rex. The Netherlands Dwarf only likes the male polish dwarf and trys to bite the Holland lops and stays away from the Mini Rex. I was very surprised that she is so shy and does not like to be held. Reading everyone elses comments makes me wonder if she was abused or if something else is going on. I hope she changes, because I feel sorry for her.

nicole - 2007-05-10
I got my netherland dwarf bunny about 2 weeks ago and it is just amazing. It's the cutest thing ever. When I let it out it jumps on my bed and goes next to me. It's just the cutest, I love it!

kat - 2007-05-08
Hi my name is Kat! I got a Netherland Dwarf rabbit and she was 8 weeks old when I got her and is about 5 mounths old now. I love her so much! She is best friends with my other rabbit (mixed breed) Cinnimon. They get along just fine now that they are better aquainted. I love rabbits. I have had 3 rabbits in my life (including the two I have now). I just love our little furry friends!
Thanks alot,