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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Jacquelyn - 2007-07-28
Hi, my name is Jacquelyn. I have a netherland dwarf and his name is, Thumper also. He has dark brown fur and LOVES to run and play around. Whenever he wants attention, he would come up to my feet and nudge them. He does this a lot! He is full grown and will almost be 1 year old. My dog, Baron who is a vizsula doesn't mind him... well, if im holding him. When Thumper is roaming around our bonus room, Baron trys to avoid him because he is scared of him. But it is not Thumper's fault... my dog is just a whimp. Thumper is the most lovable creature you will ever meet. Whenever you enter the room he will come running towards you. He can lick you all day! My family and I are so happy that I picked him out.

Roxy - 2007-07-27
I love netherland dwarfs. i'm getting one and i'm gonna call her lola.

Khrysten - 2007-07-27
Hello my name is khrysten and i got a netherland dwarf. his name is curlyjoebob. he is white with red/pink eyes and has grey ears and legs and has a patch of gray around his nose and has a little bit of brown. he is a very good rabbit. i have 3 rabbits and he is the nicest, but these animals grow long claws! its crazy but i love him to death, they are amazing

Anonymous - 2007-07-02
hi i have just gotten a netherland dwarf rabbit 2 days ago. her name is patches and she's 9 weeks old. she's the cutest thing. this is my first time getting a rabbit and i am glad i chose i netherland dwarf. i fully recommend getting a netherland dwarf because they are sweet animals. i also recommend to keep your rabbit outside because my rabbit loves the fresh air instead of beung cooped up in a house

Brandi B. - 2007-06-28
I got a lionhead rabbit (Max) for my daughter about 2 months ago from a local breeder, when I went to pick it up I found out he also breeds dwarfs. He said they wouldn't be old enough for another couple of weeks so I gave him my name and number and told him I would like the silver one when they are ready. We have had Max (our lionhead)about 3 weeks longer than Ruby (our dwarf) and Ruby is much more social than Max. She is a wonderful bunny and I think the dwarfs are the best for kids. Max has become my rabbit and Ruby is my daughter's, who is 2. Ruby loves the attention she gets from my little one where Max is still very skiddish. I love them both very much and they both get along well with our cats.

charity - 2007-06-28
I have two dwarfs, Lizzy is my doe and Chocolate Chip is my buck. we recently had a litter of four babies and they are ready to be seperated from mom. The thing I find funny is that the buck has a cage next to the doe and if we remove him for any reason he has a tantrun like a little kid! He is always watching her every move and they give each other "bunny kisses" through the cages to each other. it is very cute to see.

Isabella - 2007-06-27
hi, l have two dwarf rabbits. Their names are lily and oliver. Lily is black and oliver is grey. They are so cute. I always wanted a rabbit and now i have two of them. They are the best. I play with them all the time.

Casey J. - 2007-06-22
I have recently purchased a Netherland Dwarf for breeding. He is a Himalayn buck named Pepsi. I am very happy with this bunny. He has settled in quite nicely. One thing I have observed about the Netherland Dwarfs is that some (definitely not all) prefer to be left alone. They are very low maintinance bunnies, that is why I chose them to breed. I am currently looking for a doe or 2. My advice would be, for a fist time bunny they are very good. They are also good for people who are familiar with rabbits. I say this because some of the rabbits can be mean but with a little love and care they turn out to be wonderful bunnies! They might take a little patience but it is definitely worth it in the end. Another advantage is all the colors! You can pick whatever you like. I hope this information has been useful to you! Happy Dwarf shopping!

Evelyn - 2007-06-20
I just got a Netherland Dwarf May 12, and she is the cutest, and sweetest bunny EVER. We absolutely LOVE her. Her name is Clover, and she is now given free reign on the apartment, and has done very well with it, only leaving a few little puddles. I have been very proud of her.

Jacki - 2007-06-14
Hi, very soon I'll be getting a netherland dwarf, they are just so cute! I'll have to be careful when it's out of it's cage because I have four other animals (2 dogs, 2 cats) and the two cats and one of the dogs are very teritorial. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted comments about there bunnies, it has helped me alot! Thanks, Jacki