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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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kayla - 2007-09-24
Netherland Dwarfs are somewhat grumpy with young kids, so I wouldn't recommend them to anyone 9 or younger. They may be small but they still need a lot of space! Don't buy them small cages, they need to have at least enough space to hop 4 times across their cage. If they can't, the cage is to small. My Netherland dwarf, Cotton, can hop 6 or 7 times across his cage and he loves it!
Hope you like Netherland dwarfs!

jackson - 2007-09-12
i've had my little bun-bun for almost 7 years. he was a very good little bunny, he's never bit or scratched anyone. he loves fruit and veggies especially strawberries. he loves to run around with our cats and dog and cuddle. he's white with little black spots. i'm sad that he is sick now. i'm not sure how long they live, but he has blessed our family with his sweet demure personality and was loved greatly. they are wonderful little creatures. we love you bun-bun!

Luna - 2007-09-02
I have had my rabbits for nearly three years. I got Saffron when he was just a baby, six weeks old at most, and he is a darling little creature. He is an orange mis-marked Himalayan. If only for his markings, he would be perfect for showing. When I got Chablis she was overweight, mean-spirited and two years old. She is a Netherland Dwarf/Rex mix and is snow-white with blue eyes. Over the years she has calmed down and is incredibly affectionate. I used to keep them in a puppy pen that took up most of the floorspace in my room, but now I just let them have free run of my room. Saffron is usually content to snooze through the day, but Chablis enjoys running and kicking until she can hardly stand, and then viciously murdering my collectable plushies. Ah well, I love my rabbits dearly.

ashley - 2007-08-23
Netherland Dwarf bunnies are VERY funny and very playful! :) They make great pets!

Jane - 2007-08-16
Hi! My name is Jane and I just got a Netherland Dwarf bunny! his name is eclipse because he is all black except for his face which is white! =)

camille - 2007-08-09
I love mine so much, they are so great!

Piueti - 2007-08-02
my rabbit's name is kirby, he is the best. he never bites, he always listens, and is so calm he loves to be around other rabbits and people. sadly kirby is far-sighted so he doesnt have great vision. kirby is the best rabbit and the cutest. i love him more than any pet.

jasmine - 2007-07-30
I have two black and white rabbits named Sammy and Oreo. They live in a storage room we never use, and they hop around in that room like a cage. We always give them fresh air by taking them on their leash for a walk outside. Rabbits don't like to be carried, they get scared very easily, and are afriad of being dropped on the ground. Instead of giving our rabbits just regular pellets we get their food from the brand WILD which has a mixture of dried fruits and veggies mixed into it. We give our rabbits half of a papaya pill to give it vitamins. We are lucky to have rabbits like ours and we are hoping everyone will enjoy having a Netherland dwarf rabbit!

Lisa - 2007-07-30
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are like the best kind of rabbit you can have!They are so sweet and cute. My rabbit won first place in showmanship, breed and color!

christina - 2007-07-29
I've recently bought a netherland dwarf rabbit. He is the cutest thing ever. We named him Monster. Yes, he does like to run around and make a mess out of everything, we still love him. We then bought another rabbit to keep Monster company, he is a holland lop - a breed of dwarf rabbits. We call him Charlie. He is so warm and cuddly and he loves to give kisses. I've never owned any rabbits before and this is my first. At first we didn't think that Monster or Charlie would get along, but it takes time. It's been a week and they love chasing each other around and trying to break down the barriers we set up for them. Both of them have very two different personalities which make them great. I think dwarf rabbits are the best.