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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Masi Steele - 2008-01-22
My Netherland dwarf rabbit got a ear infection shortly after a small animal show. If any one is asking what to do, take your rabbit to a vet if you see their heads tipped to one side constantly, take them to a vet IMMEDIATELY! Mine died and I was unable to help him becuase I caught it too late. Please be attentive to your rabbit especially after a show.

Sami - 2008-01-16
Netherland Dwarf rabbits are, in my opinion, the best pet to have. They're generally sweet, well behaved little rabbits. Mine used to love cuddling and stealing cookies from me. The only real downside is that they don't live very long compared to many pets. My Ken-Ohki recently died at 7 years of age, and it was really tough adjusting to not having his inquisitive little face poking into mine trying to lick my nose.

But they are very sweet- very affectionate pets if you take good care of them. I'd definitely recommend them as a good pet.

Katie - 2008-01-14
I got my little guy 5 months ago and he is the best ever! I love him to death, all my friends that have seen him keep telling me they are gonna take him home with them. They are the most delightful pets and I dont know what I would do without him. We just got a foot of snow. They love snow, and so my friend and I were letting him walk around and we had to make little paths because he didnt want to jump! Then we put him away and he fell asleep. When he woke up he stretched like dogs do, by putting their butts way up in the air and yawning. It was so cute! He is also gonna get the cutest little brother or sister (we are gonna get him "fixed"). I CANT WAIT! You should definitely get a netherland.

Tammii - 2008-01-10
I have the cutest baby dwarf rabbit in a chocolate black color, named Cocoa. When I got her she was too young to tell if she was a boy or girl, so I picked a unisex name. I call her a girl anyway, but I will get her checked soon. She is so adorable, I love her so much! Right now she is eating carrots and hay. I always let her run around my room. It is so funny when she goes hyper. You wouldn't believe it! She loves to lick my nose, and when i say "back" while laying down, she will get on my back. I got her a leash and take her for walks. Everyone is so amazed! I love her and truly suggest this pet. She or he will be your child and best friend.

Becky - 2008-01-06
I just got a new netherland dwarf named Joie. He is the nicest bunnie i have ever held. I'm going to put him in the rabbit show this year. He is a red eye rubie.

Brianna - 2007-12-30
I'm about to move into a new house in the country. There i will raise these adorable little dwarf bunnies. I have looked all over the web for the different types of bunnies and I have decided on the netherland dwarf. I think they will be perfect! :)

Sarah - 2007-12-08
I bought a holland lop doe about 6 months ago. She was bred when I bought her and also extremely timid.1 month after we got her she had her babies, they were all somewhat exotic colors.We sold all the babies and we expected her to calm down but she didn't.I got a Netherland drawf and I have none of those problems with her! she is perfect!

BRITTANY - 2007-12-05
I have a bunny named Tinkerbell. She is my first bunny and I love her. We got her in August near my b-day. It was at the mall and i had 200$ so i got her. I let her run around my room all the time.

Evelyn - 2007-12-02
Update on Clover, comment left 6-20-2007. She is still doing very good. She won a costume contest for Halloween. I made her a Tigger costume... She won first prize! She was so cute. We are about to get her Christmas pictures, and I can't imagine our life without her. She is sweet, cuddles in bed, watches movies with her dad and I, and has been called America's Favorite, as her nickname. We could not have picked a better pet. We live in an apartment, so space is very limited, and she doesn't make a mess, bark, or meow. She is absolutely PERFECT, and we would not trade her for anything in the world. We love her.

Merlene Smith - 2007-12-01
I have always kept gerbils as pets, but my last one recently died. I really wanted bunnies for Christmas, but I don't really like bunnies who get very big. I visited Pet Depo the other day and I fell in love with a dwarf bunny. He was sandy colored, really cute. In my Christmas list I will include a list of reasons why I am responsible and mature enough to own one or two. Maybe I will be able to convince my parents!