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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Isabella - 2008-11-04
Hey My name is Isabella and I just got a netherland dwarf rabbit! His name is James. He has albino eyes but he has grey feet and ears, and a black nose and tail. He loves cuddles and he flops down on me to watch tv! lol I love him so much! I got him from a market for five dollars!

jordan baker - 2008-10-14
Rabbits are so cute. I am getting a rabbit soon from Jordan. Female, age 8.

STEPHII<3333333 - 2008-09-20
like omg i have a brown dwarf bunny too!

Kirsten - 2008-09-13
Hi, it's me Kirsten again. My N. Dwarf is a cross. I have a sister who also got a rabbit although she got a black Dwarf Lop. Her name is Rosie and she is very sweet although needs extra care as she kicks when you pick her up and gets a bit too enthusiastic when you put her down and tries to jump out of your hands. Cotton-Tail my N. dwarf is adorable and she never kicks. She is quiet and loves getting cuddles. Today both of them munched a whole clump of Bak Choy. They really like it. Earlier today Cotton-Tail weed on me! It was gross. I had to take off my jumper and put it in the wash. It was so funny. By the way if you get a baby rabbit you must take lots of photos of them as they grow quickly! I got a very cute picture of Rosie scratching her ear with her foot.

Prudence - 2008-09-11
Hi! I'm getting 2 dwarfs, both black (but I haven't yet seen them so I don't know whether they're lops or not). I decided to get 2 because its nicer when they are together, so when I don't have time to play with them, they can play with each other!
I have never had dwarfs before so I am doing all the research I can, and getting lots of advice from friends. It all started when I was playing with my cats in my house and someone knocked at the door, it was my mum's friend. She wanted to talk to my mum about this club thing that they've joined. My mum was across our field, so while she was coming back my mum's friend asked if I liked rabbits, and I said that I loved rabbits! Then she said that she new a lady who had baby dwarf rabbits and if somebody didn't take them she'd put them down! I begged my mum, and in the end she agreed that we could get 2! yay!
If you have any advice for me please tell me on the blog.

p.s. I am not one of those people who gets a pet, plays with it for a week or so, and then gets bored with it. I am willing to put a lot of effort into the's bunnys.

Kirsten - 2008-09-10
Hi, my name is Kirsten. I am getting a N. dwarf rabbit this Saturday. I was kind of worried because I had read that N. dwarfs can be aggressive. Thanks to everyone's advice, I am no longer worried.

Anonymous - 2008-09-09
I have a netherland dwarf and she's never tried to bite me. She is black and she has the sweetest personality. She loves to explore and loves to be petted and picked up. If you are not picking them up carefully they may become aggresive when you put your hand in the cage, but otherwise I recommend a netherland dwarf to everybody! They're very affordable and love attention!

Laura - 2008-09-08
Hi! I love Netherland Dwarf Rabbits! They are the cutest!

Ally - 2008-08-22
Hello everyone! My name is Ally and I just purchased my Netherland Dwarf yesterday. I was a bit worried about getting a dwarf because I have heard that they are mean, but she is the absolute sweetest bunny ever! Her name is Ebody (eby for short). She loves cuddling, and her favorite way to be held is in baby position! Whenever she is in baby position and you put your chin over her, she licks your neck! It is sooo cute. I strongly suggest a netherland dwarf if you are looking for a pet rabbit.

Amanda - 2008-08-17
As alot of you guys said Netherland Dwarfs are not mean. you are very right! They are very very nice. And if any one would know it's me. I raise, show, and beed them. We have around 100 rabbits! And most times they are sweet, sometimes they are mean. But usually it's a stage they take. Just remember if you are planning to get one, give it lots of love and respect, and you both will be very happy!