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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Carla - 2009-01-27
Hello I am currently finding out information on the dwarf rabbit. I wanted to know eaxactly where I can buy one here in the Miami area....Please helllpp! thanks =)

erica - 2009-01-23
Hi Barb. I have three ND's and your bunny seems like she is very sick, especially if shes not eating. Rabbits are not supposed to have fruit of veggies until they are six months of age so it would be good to stop feeding her them. If she does have a cold, she should improve over time but she needs to eat and drink so monitor her and make sure she does. Also, check her belly for bloating because one of my rabbit's belly was not eating and his belly was severely bloated and he died that night. I'm not an expert but if you want expert advice, go to "" they helped me with alot of my rabbit problems.

Tana - 2009-01-17
We are new parents of a sweet little netherland named Dolly Biscuit. After reading about the breed, we decided to purchase one as a family pet. We fell in love the moment we saw her! She is light/medium gray in color and has the cutest little face. We have found out quickly that she loves her treats and chews and also her little jingle balls. I'm glad that I found this website to read other stories from owners and also share my story, too.

mandi - 2009-01-15
For christmas my Hubby got me a netherland dwarf. She is beautiful. She does have some aggression issues towards strangers, but if I show them how to deal with her she usually does great. She sleeps with me at naptime curdle up with my cats and dogs and me on the bed. She plays with my cats. And the biggest surprise is 30 days after we got her, she had 4 babies. All are well and doing great. 6 days old today and Cuddles is a good mommy. Hope everyone is patient with and enjoys their bunnies.

Barb - 2009-01-12
Hello, my name is Barb. We have a netherland dwarf named "BooBoo" and our little girl has been sick since Christmas day. BooBoo started out with difficulty breathing and making squeaking noises with each breath, her breathing was labored. We took her to the vet the next day which resulted in an exam followed with an injection of Baytrill and tablets to be crushed and given to her for ten days. The tablets simply did not work because mixing them with water was too traumatic for her and too much liquid at one time. We took her in a second time which resulted in another exam (different Vet) and a vial of Baytrill and enough syringes to give her one injection for the next 10 days. Since then her breathing is less labored however she continues to have a lot of mucous draining from her nose. I wipe her nose numerous times every day with a damp cloth, sometimes there is so much that it is dry and crusty. BooBoo is not eating, she does drink but not much. We put carrots, lettuce, Timothy hay and fruit in her cage but to no avail. We love our bunnies and it hurts to see her in this condition. If BooBoo has a cold, will she improve in time? Please advise! Thank-you!

*ILOVEM.H* - 2009-01-02
HI! Well I have a N. Dwarf, she is really really sweet. People that say that they are mean are wrong. I just got my bunny one week ago. My bunny likes to be petted and loves to cuddle. I love it when it runs, it looks so cute. I had a N. Dwarf a long time ago but it died. I was so sad. It died because my lil sister threw it down the stairs and my house is three stories high. And before I let her hold it, I told her 'don't drop him', and it was like I didn't tell her anything. Well, that was all.*^_^*

Jeremy - 2008-12-19
I own a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and she is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her name is Desiree and she is over a year old. She seems to have a coloring that I don't see on many web pages about rabbits. She has slate grey fur on her back, ears, legs, and face. She has a white nose, white around her eyes, on her belly, paws, and under her tail. She has a light brown patch right behind her ears on her neck. She is absolutely adorable and sweet natured. She has a very expressive face, and you can almost read her expressions and mood. My family and I love her very much, even the cat will play with her. I was wondering if anyone has seen any other Netherland Dwarfs with this color pattern.

julia hernandez - 2008-12-07
Hi my name is Julia and I also own a dwarf netherland bunny. I love him so much, he is like one of my babies. I've owned him for 8 months. His name is Rocky. He is a smokey grey rabbit and loves to chew on paper, his little log, and his food bowl.
My family all fell in love with him. He loves to hop around and go real fast in circles and act silly for us. He loves being petted between his ears and used to sit on my chest and fall asleep under the covers.
Recently I put my hand in his cage to take him out to play with him and he started scratching me and even tried to bite me. This really upset me because I love him so much and I don't want him not trust me. He is my baby. It brought tears to my eyes to think that I did something to make him change towards me.
Now I'm scared he will bite me.
I don't know if he just needs his own space and doesn't want to be messed with.
I love him with all my heart and I want him to trust me again, but I'm scared of him now.
I guess he is just going through a stage just like my teenage children do. He is my baby and I will forever love him.

Rhonda Russell - 2008-12-02
I have a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. I have had her for about 7 months. She has always been very loving and sweet. She would lay on the couch with me watching tv for hours just about every night. All of the sudden, in the last 3 weeks, she has made a complete turn around. She is biting and scratching me. I can barely get her out of her cage to exercise. I have a nice large pen for her. She has everything she could want. When I put my hands in the cage, she attacks me. She has really bitten me hard. I have a medical problem and I am not very strong and I can not believe that this little bunny is so strong. It scares me that I may drop her because she kicks me so hard that I can barely hold on to her. I have read that females calm down if they are bred. How long does that last? Will she get mean every time she wants to breed or do they calm down after one breeding? What should I do? She is too much for me right now. When I was a child I had a male rabbit and never had any kind of behavior problem.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Rhonda Russell

trix - 2008-11-13
Hey everyone! It's me again. Last time I added a comment I had one very aggressive and territorial ND Doe and now I have two going on three. I got a ND Buck and I am going to get another doe to breed with him when he is older. Anyway I found out why my rabbit was being so territorial. She is around breeding age and apparently all does act like that until they are bred then eventually they mellow down. O and for that one girl who said ND with red eyes are ugly yea SOOOO not true!!! My ND buck is a himalayin and he has red eyes and he is sooo cute!!!! He licks your face and is very nice!