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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Taylor - 2009-04-25
Hey omg, bonnie is like so cute. She is like my dream Netherland Dwarf bunny. I want one just like that.

serena - 2009-04-23
My friend bought to netherland dwarf rabbits about five months ago. They named them Hamish & Andy. They had a huge hutch which used to be a bird aviary. Andy started digging one day and suddenly she was pregnant (they thought they were both boys). She let me have two of the seven kits and they are adorable! Daisy is all white and has blue eyes and one sticky up ear and one floppy ear. Charlie is completely pale brown. I love them so much, thanks for the information. I also love Dwarf french lops because MC Skidmark (her other rabbit which died before they got H & A) was a french lop dwarf

Anonymous - 2009-04-11
OMG, I HAVE THE EXACT SAME BUNNY. Same color, same markings, same name. He always licks my face as well and I'm wondering if maybe this actually IS the same bunny. I picked up a bunny named thumper at a humane society and he was about two years old. Anybody know? I have a picture but unfortunately it's on another computer...

sam - 2009-04-05
I need help, my rabbit has the snuffles or something like that. He is not breathing well, he is gasping for air. It's like a fish out of water, the vet bill was 1,326 dollars, way expensive. We just bought the antibiotics, he is the same. Anyone have advice.

Sidney - 2009-04-02
i have some questions on how to care for a drawf raabbit she turn 2 yesterday not sure what i should use to give her a bath you why she has 2 teeth sticking out of the month i hope someone can help me answer some questions

stev - 2009-03-30
Man I love Netherland dwarf bunnies. My girl Bunnie is about to have babies, her name is MARLINA. Her husband's name is MARLIN, and yes he is a wizard {ha ha ha}. I hope Marlina has lots of baby bunnies.

Evol Diaz - 2009-03-28
I just bought two dwarf bunnies and they are so adorable. I named them Lucky Travis and London Tarrist. They will complete my home of loving pets. I will keep them indoors and protected them and also make them an outdoor cage in a shaded area and they will be able to go underground. But first I will put fencing under the dirt so they don't get out. That way they'll keep cool in the earth when I am in my garden planting my veggies. I had rabbits growing up and they get really hot and can die of heat stroke if not protected. They need to be in a cool place and safe from other animals. Love your pets, everyone needs care and nurturing.


Tiffany - 2009-03-25
Can you please tell me where I can buy a Netherland Dwraf Bunny. I think they are so adorable but I cannot find a breeder around me. I am located in Sumter SC and I am willing to drive to NC or GA. My email address is

Thank you

Nancy - 2009-03-16
Help! We just got an 8 mo. old Netherlands Dwarf male and he is very aggressive! We were hoping for a bunny that loves to be cuddled and held and this one just bites us continually. We make sure to hold him properly and are quiet and gentle. I don't think he was handled much in his previous home. But this behavior has me thinking we adopted the wrong rabbit! I have heard that neutering will help and I've heard that since there are no females around, it's probably not so much of a hormonal issue as a behavior problem. Is there hope, or did we just get one that will always be aggressive??

michelle - 2009-02-28
Hiya! I'm new to this, so I thought I would send a comment. I'm also getting a new baby rabbit in about 10 days. He is a cross breed between a white albino Polish Dwarf and a black Netherland Dwarf rabbit. His name is Shea, which I named him after a character from a game of mine, which is sad really, but he is just like the character. He comes from a family of show rabbits. His name is Irish, meaning stately one. He is very sweet and very friendly. He is Jet black, and is a lot like his dad, the black Netherland Dwarf. He has one younger brother and a sister. His brother is shy, his sister is gentle, and Shea is the cheeky one. I'm getting his things this friday. Even though I dont have Shea yet, I still love him. He is 6 weeks at the moment, but I cant wait to have him here at his new home!