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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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patti russell - 2013-12-29
I just purchased a dwarf bunny, she is black and very soft to hold and it only took me 2 days to litter train her. I named her jasper and she knows her name.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-02-07
  • sarah - 2014-02-26
    Mine took about that long to litter train. His name is Rusty, and he has been mine since he was born. I love him to bits and I don't know what I would do without him. Whenever I'm sad he gives my an encouraging lick on the nose. If anyone was thinking about getting a Netherland Dwarf, I definitely recommend it.
  • raeesa - 2014-09-21
    Hi, I just got my dwarf bunny thid morning. Im so excited but worried at the same time for his care, much like a parent. How did u litter train your bunny?
Vanessa - 2013-11-26
Hi my name is Vanessa and I am looking to purchase a Netherland Dwarf rabbit as a Christmas gift for my son. The only problem is that I can't seem to find anyone that is selling this kind of rabbit. I am located in the Huntsville, Alabama area and I am very serious about this purchase. Please someone contact me if you are looking to sell a rabbit or know someone that is looking to sell. Thank You.

Nicole Goltowski - 2013-03-26
Hi my names Nicole and I'm looking for a new baby Netherland dwarf bunny I'm located in south eastern mi towards the monroe area I would like to purchase one ASAP but am having a really hard time finding one if you could help please send me a message to

kiersten - 2013-03-25
I'm looking for netherland dwarf rabbits for 20 dollars or less in the pickens county area in south carolina. Must be babies! Can anyone help me?

betty - 2013-02-24
I have four baby himalayan netherland dwarft would like to know if they are show qyality if there ears are not all black they are around three months old

Kirsten - 2013-01-09
I am getting a black Netherland dwarf tomorrow. I am very excited. I have had rabbits in the past but never one this small. I cannot wait to surprise my daughter!! However, I was considering just letting it wander around the house, is this a bad idea? I don't want it to get lost or something.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-09
    As long as you start them out in areas that you can monitor to assure their safety and get use to its surroundings.
Shelly Long - 2012-12-11
I just got a 6 month old rabbit! It is a netherland dwarf mixed with a mini rex! It is black and soooooo cute! It is an outside rabbit! Me and my sisters share it and I don't mind.

Chris - 2012-12-02
Hi I got a 1 year old female Netherland dwarf rabbit I love her to prices even though she ticks me off sometimes. I got her recently at an auction for $5.00. She was my first pet so I went home studied her breed and I've had her for a couple months. We don't have a vet but she's always playful. We have a pedigree but we lost it and we've had her for a couple months. She's playful and happy. She loves to chew up the rug but we trained her not to. She's had babies before so she can still have babies and I think she's spayed because she never attacks but lately she's really agressive and scratched me when I approach her and she's growling at me now! Since we got her recently all we have for her to live in is a dog kennel which we clean every Sunday but she's still agressive and I don't know what's wrong?

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  • Chris - 2012-12-02
    Actually she doesn't look like a netherland as her face is more elongated. I think she a netherland mix but her pedigree says purebred so I'm not sure
Rhyan H. - 2010-08-08
Hello! I have a siamese sable netherland dwarf named Benjerman. He will be shown in the fair and I plan to breed him. He is a very good rabbit.

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  • barb - 2010-10-15
    How long do they stay pregnant the netherland dwarf rabbit?
  • stacy - 2010-10-19
    Hello my name is stacy and my dwarf I'm going to get is going to be so cute I hope you enjoy her when I put the picture up.
  • David - 2010-11-26
    The gestation (pregnancy) period of most rabbits is around 31 days, but because Netherland Dwarf rabbits are so small they will likely give birth sooner. There is an excellent free e-mail mini course on breeding and raising rabbits at It goes into detail (very easy to read) on how to reduce mortality rates and improve the health and productivity of all rabbits using recently published research.
Beth - 2011-08-18
My son got a netherland dwarf our fair in September. He has basically just started working with it. He likes it but I don't think he thought it would be this much work. We did have the rabbit outside in a hutch but the week it got sooo hot my dad let my son bring it in and put it in a cat carrier. so as of right now that is where it lives. I have my son get it out and try to interact with it in the kitchen because the rest of the house is carpet and we don't want rabbit turds in the carpet.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-19
    Yes, they can be work but if you can arrange an appropriate set up - quite easy to have. Try the idea of a somethng similar to a dog house (acutally a hutch he can go in and out of) in a fenced (or enclosed in harea with toys, litter, shelf etc. He can't live in a kennel.