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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Linsey - 2004-03-21
hi my name is Linsey we just got our first rabbits. I think we chose the right kind. I am 11 and my rabbits names are Thumper and Kibbles they are always wanting to be held so it takes alot of attention i think to have this rabbit but i am willing to give it. Their soft fur is another plus Thumper has white fur and brown spots,while Kibbles has white fur with brown spots. I just want to say they are the best pets ever!!!

J>B - 2004-02-20
I have a mini rex. He runs around. He can be stubborn sometimes if he doesnt get his way. Over all they are awesome!

Clara - 2004-02-11
I just wanted to say that I had a mini red rex buck as a pet for 11 years. He was the most loving little angel. He licked my hand all of time, he even tryed to lick the sleep out of my eyes in the morning. I loved him so much. The perfect pet ever.

Shelby - 2004-01-18
I have a mini rex rabbit and her name is Snoopy. She is black and white and has the softest fur! She loves to play and likes to run around in my room. Of course, its a mess afterwards, but overall, I have lots of fun with my rabbit and I recomend the mini rex to any animal lover!

kayla - 2003-12-26
Minirex are great clean pets. You can potty train them, they are active, and they love to nibble sniff. ( i recommend a mineral stone that they can chew on to keep their teeth short and its edible so it gives them minereals) i am only 11 years old but email me and i can tell you what mine has done.

Emily - 2003-12-18
I really want to get a bunny! We might get a mini rex for my sister when it is her bithday. I have had 16 rats and I think a bunny would be fun to take care of too.My friend has a mini rex named Feefee she is a Himilayan and she is beautiful. She cant walk straight but she is extremely affectionate!

Amanda Hillier - 2003-12-17
I love the rex rabbit fur... it's like touching velvet. I just started raising mini Rex about two years ago and the babies are so cute that they look like little stuffed animals. I have about 21 rabbits in all but only about half are mini rex, the rest are a variety of Mini Lop, lionheads, Dwarfs and Satins. I love rabbits and any one else who does should read "Watership Down" a famous novel about rabbits
"By: Richard Adams"

Sara DeBarr - 2003-12-08
I love rabbits! I have two. A dutch marked rabbit and a Mini Rex. The rex is a few months old and the dutch is about a year. I like the Rex better because she is much nicer than the dutch. I plan to breed her soon and I hope her litter is as nice as she is.

alison - 2003-12-04
I just rescued a rex rabbit from a pet store in philadelphia. The bunny has bunny snuffles which is treated with medicine. I could not leave the bunny that was skin and bone knowing that she would die. I have had my rex for 3 1/2 weeks and she is still sick but eats like a horse. I have no clue if she is a a mini rex or will get bigger. She was skin and bone weighing 2 lb 4 oz the day I got her.

Anonymous - 2003-11-24
I have been a rabbit breeder for the past 10 years now. mini rex is one of my favorite breeds because they are so soft, the fur is like velvet! and their temperment is great!