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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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brandon - 2004-04-24
i think rabbits are an important part of the world and to me because i really love rabbits with all my heart

Marty Goldsmith - 2004-04-23
I just got my mini-rex rabbits today. I was looking for rabbits and we just happend to find some. We were coming home and we stopped at a garage sale. There were two does, white and gray,and one buck who was red. They were $15.00 for two cages, two water bottles, and two feeding dishes for all that, only 15 bucks.


D.Powell - 2004-04-22
We were the owners of a beautiful broken castor mini rex. We had her for 7 years and she was still winning awards at age 6 yrs.!!! We are now looking for another. . . the only breed my daughter will consider is the wonderful mini rex.

Anonymous - 2004-04-17
Mini Rexes are beautiful and I love their soft fur. I would recomend a Mini Rex to any one.

michelle peter - 2004-04-14
I was given two rabbits for christmas and I love them dearly. it has been a challenge though as I knew nothing about rabbits when I got them. we now have 7 of them as momma had a litter of five. they are so great!!

Dave - 2004-04-06
my first rabbit ever was a beautiful little mini rex named coco because he was the color of rich hot coco. he came to me by the most unusual means. i was driving an ice cream truck at the time and a customer (around 12-14 years old) had him in a little box so i asked ta see him and fell in love. well apparently she had gotten him without parents permission so the girls mother jokingly said if ya want him hes yours. i laughed at first but seeing as how my fiance at the time had just had a miscarriage i thought he just might be what we needed to fill the void in our lives.
needless to say Cooco was far more then we bargined for he had endless energy endless personality and of course an endless appetite.
as we were so enriched by his presence in our lives we did the only thing we could we spoiled him rotten. sadly coco is in another home now with a good family though. but i still have one of his last offspring a solid black minirex-american dwarf mix aptly named twitch cuz shes a little bit jumpy most of the time and i love her to death and spoil her almost as much as i did with coco

Lucas Benotsch - 2004-03-26

We recently lost our best friend Deery, our 2 and a half year old mini rex. He was the best pet ever. Completely potty trained, loved people, loved to sprawl out in the middle of our family room, and loved to entertain. We will be purchasing another mini-rex for Easter this year, but we will never forget our Deery.

Linsey - 2004-03-21
hi my name is Linsey we just got our first rabbits. I think we chose the right kind. I am 11 and my rabbits names are Thumper and Kibbles they are always wanting to be held so it takes alot of attention i think to have this rabbit but i am willing to give it. Their soft fur is another plus Thumper has white fur and brown spots,while Kibbles has white fur with brown spots. I just want to say they are the best pets ever!!!

J>B - 2004-02-20
I have a mini rex. He runs around. He can be stubborn sometimes if he doesnt get his way. Over all they are awesome!

Clara - 2004-02-11
I just wanted to say that I had a mini red rex buck as a pet for 11 years. He was the most loving little angel. He licked my hand all of time, he even tryed to lick the sleep out of my eyes in the morning. I loved him so much. The perfect pet ever.