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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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James Nathan - 2004-11-03
I have a mini rex named Rex and he is the most precious thing ever! He lets me hold him like a baby and moves his paws like he is riding a bike. He sometimes licks me like a dog. He also flops onto his side and licks his paws! It is so cute. I love him sooooooo much!

miranda - 2004-11-01
This page is so wonderfull! it helped me get my rabbit 4-H breed demonstration. I could have never done it without the help of this web page. Thanks forever!-Miranda Jones

David Thompson - 2004-10-04
I have a mini rex and she is so sweet. Her name is Oreo and she likes to be held like a baby. Oreos sister is my sisters rabbit her name is chocolate. They are little angels. I think i will go play with Oreo right now.

Nichole - 2004-09-22
This site is great! I have a mini rex named Cosmo i am thinking of showing him this year. He can be really crabby but when he is the biggest sweatheart when hes not.

JARRED - 2004-09-16
i love my rabbit jasmine is is the darndest thing BUT I LOVE HER TO DEATh


katie dunning - 2004-09-12
my mini rex is the sweetest thing. He loves to be turned over on his back and have his stomach petted. But i do say he makes the biggest mess in the world if you dont pay attention to him.

Opel betsab - 2004-09-04
My Comment is that you dudes and dudets are an amazing web site. My rabbit says so to. I think you should win a MEDAL!

Jahsirah - 2004-08-02
I have an albino rex that feels like a chinchilla. He likes to sit on my lap and get petted, just like my cats!

Emily - 2004-07-08
I have never, EVER felt anything as soft as a Rex rabbits fur. If only they would let you cuddle them more! I was going through some of my grandmothers old things, and we found a winter coat, trimmed in Rex fur. I nearly started crying. My mini-Rex is the reason I will NEVER wear fur.

Annemarie Pedersen - 2004-06-02
my boyfriend wanted to buy me a bunny for our 1 year anniversary, so we went out looking for a bunny that I would like to take home, originally looking for a dwarf, or a micro. But unfortunatly, all the places that we looked either had all males (i really wanted a female) or all white (I wanted something different than the rest) Then we went to another store, and there she was, white with tan brown spots over her eyes, cheeks, ears, and down her back. I fell in love with her instantly. We called her mocha and she is such a sweet, gentle bunny. She is now getting used to hopping out of her cage when i open it, and responding to her commands. I am very very excited to have her. Greatly recommended for any wanna be bunny owner.