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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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April - 2005-01-10
I have had a chocolate mini Rex named Abigail for almost 3 years now. She is a great pet and is so smart! I am truly attached to her.

Kelsey H - 2005-01-08
I have breed rabbits for 12 years, and have tried many differnt breeds. The mini rex is my favorite. I love there personality and willingness to please. I own 30 rabbits,and 20 of them are mini rex. i have sold a mini rex to a house with many small children. It was treated like a stuffed animal, but it never struggled. WHAT A GREAT PET!

Anonymous - 2005-01-06
I have ben working with mini rex for three years and they are the best rabbits I have ever had! They are so pretty and sweet and their coat is to die for! They also seem more laid back and friendly compared to other breeds I have worked with in the past. At the moment I have a solid black, brocken black, and castor. I can't wait to get more, but it is so hard to pick a color! So, if your lookng for the perfect rabbit, GET A MINI REX!

Amanda - 2005-01-04
I just love my mini rex. He is a blue buck and is only 7 months. Great companion.

Chelsea - 2004-12-29
Mini Rex rabbits are the best you could ever own! I now have seven of them and i am still getting more because i am breeding them. If anyone wants a rabbit go for a mini rex!

Barbara - 2004-12-28
I love my Mini Rex. His name is Corey He is 2 month old. He just fell asleep as we speak on my lap. He is really calm and loves car rides.

Emily - 2004-12-18
i have a rabbit named frisky i luv him so much!

annomus - 2004-12-15

I strongly recomend mini rex for any first timer.

Jenny Gojcaj - 2004-12-14
I have a Mini-Rex, a female, whose name is Lola...and she is just adorable!! She loves getting attention, and I, personally, enjoy giving her attention. She loves to be let out of her cage, and when you rub her back lightly with your foot, she roles over onto her side and licks you!! She licks my hands like crazy! Whenever I give her kisses, she always gives me 10 times as many!

NINA - 2004-11-11
ha ha bunnys rock my socks weeee