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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Rachel Dyet - 2005-02-10
My little guys name is Taz A.K.A. "The little ladies man". Sometimes I forget he is a rabbit, he acts more like a kid half the time. He and the little one play tag, chasing each other around. He also loves car rides. I never thought a rabbit could be like him. He is extremly friendly, amazing around kids, and loves to be the center of attention.
The funny little things he does keeps my boyfriend and I laughing all the time. I am so glad I decided to get him. I was away from home shopping and I found him in a pet store. I could not see any bunnies so I asked. She took me to a pen filled with guinea pigs and she lifted a log home and there he was, smaller then the guinea pigs. I picked him up and he took an instant liking to me. Sales lady said she had never seen him take a liking to anyone like that. I could not leave him there.I had never seen one with that coloring and he was so cuddly and soft. So Instead of continuing my shopping trip a made a trip home with my baby boy Taz.

brittany and britt - 2005-02-08
i love chinchillas and minirexes so much!chinchillas are so adorable so are mini rexes

Eleanor - 2005-02-07
I love animals , and I think my mini rex rabbit named Rose is the best pet in the world!

Brittnee - 2005-02-04
My fiance bought me a mini-rex for my birthday recently and I am so happy! He is a calico, so I named him Spec because of the black specs on his back. He is absolutely adorable. I have not had him long but he is SPOILED ROTTEN already. If I let him out of his cage without having a carrot waiting for him, he bites me. He is such a little brat. He picks the pellets out of his food and piles them up. He eats the rest of the food and will not even touch the pellets. I have actually cought him going to the bathroom on them. Apparently he does not think they are good enough for him. He is still my favorite pet though!

Karen - 2005-02-01
Just got two three month old caster colored mini rex bunnies this weekend. They have brought so much joy to my life, having only had them for less than five days. They are the most loving rabbits that anyone could wish for. They have excellent temperaments. Two beautiful little creatures.

Aerial Hawkins - 2005-01-30
~*~I got my mini rex when she was 2months old. I even got a certificate telling me everything about her. she just turned 7months old 5days ago!!! I spoil her too much sometimes, but I love watching her run around. I feed her treats called yogurt chips that you can buy at almost any pet store or wal-mart around. She does little tricks and jumps to get one. She was named by my ex-boyfriend, who got her for me. Her name is Miracle and I love her even though she does like being a little brat and keep me up all night long!!!

NATE - 2005-01-28
My Bunny is the BEST!!!! She is so sweet! She runs right up to anyone who opens her cage. Unless you try to take her out:). That is the best thing about Mini Rex. They are so FRIENDLY!

rachel stocum - 2005-01-25
hello, my name is rachel and i have a 3 month old mini rex bunny, and her name is cinderella. she was abused, but my mom saved her and gave her to me for my 13th birthday! she is adorable and all my friends love her! sometimes she can be a brat, but i love her!:)

Kelsey Foster - 2005-01-24
Hi, my name is Kelsey foster,and I have a Mini Rex that I got from a really good breeder. It is a broken and also a male. He is so gentle and soft. He is a very good show rabbit.

Celeste - 2005-01-17
I have had a castor mini-rex (Violet) for 4 months and I am absolutely in love with her!!! My husband thinks I love her more than him -- she can be a little brat, but I am amazed at her intelligence and the milestones that we reach in our bond together. I would recommend the mini-rex as the rabbit of choice!