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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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jill nightingale - 2005-04-03
i have a pregnant rex that is called butter scotch and she is the bomb. they will lay on their side and that means the are getting comfortable.

brittney 4-2-05 - 2005-04-02
I just bought a mini rex and her name is April she,s white with red eyes I have to play with her all the time and clean her cage out all the time to but I still love her

Tara - 2005-04-01
I just got my first mini rex today and i just love him like crazy he loves to cuttle i do not put my rex in a cage though because i think it is wrong to have a pet and have it stuck in a cage the whole time. he does sleep in one and while i am at work but as soon as i get home he comes out to play he is sleeping in my hand right now he is only 7 weeks old he is pure black and is so very soft i have decided that sence he is so calm he will by my traveling budy i love my mini rex

Suzy - 2005-03-30
hi all the rex rabbit owners out there. i bought my daisy may (she is a black beauty) on the 25th march 05 for my lil sister as she has had enough of us all buying her chocolate eggs for easter. so i though id be different and buy her a rabbit. she had also lost 2 hamsters she loved so much, in the matter of one month. i have never known such a good natured animal in my life. she is only 9 weeks old and every one has fallen in love with her. i could never of asked for such a good pet.

chrissy - 2005-03-28
I just got a mini rex bunny and i love her sooo much! She looks exactly like the rabbit in the picture above. She loves to lick people and hop around the house getting lots of excercise. Whenever I put her back in her cage she falls fast asleep!

Nazma Syed - 2005-03-27
Hi I have a pet rabbit(mini rex). His name is Snuffy and he is a very cute fellow. I love him so much and i will always! He is 5 months old and is the first pet of mine. I hope I am taking good care of him and he feels safe in my hands. He is adorable and can do a lot of tricks like "kissing me" and lots of other ones.I love my pet bunny and i am sure you will too!

britney - 2005-03-26
i have a rex that is the biggest brat. He is 6 months old. He charges at my dog but will not bite her.

Stacy - 2005-03-26
I have 3 mini rex rabbits, two girls & one boy. My 2 little girls are supposed to have babbies in about 10 days.

Leslie - 2005-03-25
I love my mini-rex. His name is Little Bunny Foo Foo like the rhyme. He gives me kisses and is very aware of where I am at all times. He plays hard and loves to go outside and play in the grass, with supervision of course. He is the best pet that I have ever had and it would break my heart if anything ever happened to him. I love bunnies.

jessica - 2005-03-23
I have a two year old mini-rex named Lucious. He is of the broken coloration. He is the sweetest bunny in the world. He is very curious and friendly and loves to be petted. He was my first bunny and since, I have added two more to the family. Lily is a mini-lop and Briella is a Netherland Dwarf. While I love all three, Lucious is the one with the most personality of the three. I recommend a bunny to anyone who wants to share in a wonderful, loving relationship with an animal. They take work, but they are worth ever effort!