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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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J.B - 2005-04-26
I have a broken mini dwarf rex and she is the sweetest thing, her name is chipits she is two years old

Tracie Calkins - 2005-04-24
I just got a mini rex bunny today and it is VERY social!! It will snuggle with me and run 100 miles an hour around our yard. He (or she) is perfect!

cheyanne taylor - 2005-04-19
My name is cheyanne, i have a mini rex rabbit. Her name is pickles. she is almost two years old, i got her on my b-day from my mom and dad. Her b-day is on aug, 21. my friends like her lots and love to see her. her nick-name is bun buns. She is a indoor rabbit and she has a pen outside. pickles is a fun rabbit, but sometimes she bites me when she dose not feel good. You should always play with your rabbit and give your rabbit attention everyday and night. if you try to pet your rabbit inbetween there ears they will like it very much, and then they will love you lots, but only sometimes. If you do not play with your rabbit every day it will not love you that much anymore, and then they will start to rip there cage alot. Trust me it has happened to me too.

Diana & Zak - 2005-04-19
My husband and I enjoy the company of our Mini Rex "Little Man" so much! He is such an adorable, curious, sweet bun. We have great fun watching him be sneaky, hopping into pots to taste test the plants, and crawling on tiptoe out of hiding places when he hears his treat box! I have loved rabbits since I was a kid. My husband thought they were only good for hunting and eating (according to his grandpa). I changed his mind! Mini Rex is the best!

amonamous - 2005-04-17
I have a a very cute mini rex rabbit. His name is seude and he has a light brown colour. he is calm most of the time and is wonderful. if you want a rabbit, out of all the pets this breed is simply the best breed you can get. Alot of people will comment on your soft beautiful rabbit. I hope you will consider this rabbit, it is truly the best kind you can get.

Nicole Daniels - 2005-04-16
Hi my name is Nicole Daniels and my sister and I just got 2 Mini Rexes today. We are going to show them in 4-H. It is my first year. my bunny Athina is a broken colored Rex, and my sisters bunny Jay is a Castren colored. I just love them to death.


Chelsea - 2005-04-14
I got a mini-rex about a month ago, he is a boy and his name is Seattle. He is black and white with a velvety coat. I am going to do 4-h with him. He is tempermental and competetive but thats why I love him because I have similar traits. I am hoping to do good at the fair. What a wonderful breed they are.

Jessie - 2005-04-09
My mommy just bought me a mini rex last week. I loved my mini rex so much! She was grey and was very soft and I named her daisy. She died and I miss my daisy bunny so much but my mommy said we can get another.

Rachel - 2005-04-07
I got my rex rabbit a couple of days ago and i love him now. I still cant pick him up but i let him out every day.

Callie - 2005-04-05
I am a 11 year old girl and i do Rabbit 4-H with my Mini Rex and i have to say she is so nice and easy to work with. her name is Satin Princess and i LOVE her!! They are very good starting rabbits and i just LOVE them!