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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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cynthia stewart - 2005-06-17
I have 2 mini rex rabbits & their names are peter & brandy. They are alot of fun, my doe brandy just recently had babies &I cant wait untill they grow up so that i can play with them.

Amy - 2005-06-17
I have a little mini rex named Cinnamon. She's a lynx color (yellowish with a white belly) and she's such a sweetie! I've had her for about five years and she doesn't look like she's aged a bit. She has such a great personality (although she can be touchy sometimes) and she is Nibsey's best friend. Nibsey is my other rabbit, she is a standard rex and is such a nice rabbit. Cinnamon has been such a fun rabbit to have, not to mention she eats everything in sight (she loves junkfood!) and since she's small I take her almost everywhere with me, around the house that is, if i could take her everywhere I would! Cinnamon has made my life more exciting and I've realized what a joy it is to own a mini rex rabbit!

kamilla - 2005-06-09
I just got my first mini rex and her mother is a registered mini rex with the arba. She is opal with white makings and she gives me "kisses". She is litter box trained and is only 9 weeks old. She is my 4H rabbit and she was unfazed when she was at her first fair, she lay right down as if nothing was going on. Kamilla

Rachel - 2005-06-05
Hi!My names Rachel and i have a Tortoise Broken Colored Mini Rex(that's a mouthful!)He is white whith bluish gray ears,around the eyes and one spot on the cheek and another above his tail.He is the sweetest thing,I rescued him,his owner wasn't taking care of him so her dad was going to either give him to a man that wanted to eat him or let him go where wild dogs roam!So i took him.His name is Cotton and he loves to be petted and held.He's 1 year old,i've had him for 2 months.He likes to lick people and is an absolute Joy!Were going to get him a girlfriend SOON!

Grace - 2005-05-30
I have an 8 month old mamma with 6 adorable babies. she is shy. she only trusts me and my sister, she hates my mom. its funny. She is a Tortoise and her babies are about 3 weeks old now, one is black, Harliquin, Castor, and 3 broken castors. they are adorable and gentle and soft. I love Mini Rex, they are lovely pets to have.

Alli - 2005-05-25
I had a mini rex rabbit named Donny and he was so sweet and tame. I could flip him on his back and tickle his tummy and it would look like he was smiling at me. Everyday I would pet Donny in his play-pen to play and he would show off to me by doing donkey kicks(kicking his feet in the air and doing spins). Donny died last summer and wasn't even a year old yet. A dog killed him. The dog ripped the metal door right off his cage and drug him out and killed him while we were sleeping. I found him the next morning dead. Since then I always put clips on the door to hold them shut just a little better, but I will always remember the little rabbit who smiled.

cynthia - 2005-05-17
My name is Cynthia, and I own a mini rex rabbit. Her name is Ms. Bunny. I got her at a petstore in Victoria Texas, I was there for a month visiting relatives. I fell in love with my rabbit when I first saw her and I knew I had to have her. The pet store where I got Ms. Bunny told me she was a dwarf rabbit. since i didn't know anything about rabbits i assumed it was true. But after a couple of months she started to get bigger than the size she was going to get. She was supose to only get to be 2-3 1/2 pounds. Thats when I started to do research on dwarf rabbits and other breeds of rabbits. She doen't look anything like a dwarf rabbit, her ears are different from the dwarf rabbits and she's way to big :) Thats when i furthered my research and concluded threw pictures and descriptions of rabbits that she must be a mini rex. She's so adorable and fun the have. i love my mini rex so much :) She's my little souvenir. And i'm so happy that i have her in my life.

Linda - 2005-05-11
I have had 2 mini Rex Bunnies now for about 1 month (1 gray, 1 white and gray). Their names are Thumper and Athena. I find them to be very nice pets to have because they seem to like the attention. The mix coloured one (Athena) likes to push Thumper out of the way when I pet her so that I end up petting Athena instead of Thumper. They love their treats (which they have various types, I'll admit, they are spoiled) especially these banana yogurt dipped grain treats. Thumper tries to stick her head right through the bars to get at them! They are both female and from the same litter. Another nice thing about them is that they are low maitenance pets, easy to take care of, cheap really to take care of because you can buy their supplies in bulk, and they are pets that both my 7 year old and 2 3/4 years old children can enjoy!

Anonymous - 2005-05-07
I have a Mini Rex rabbit. Her name is Jazira. She is my first rabbit. We love her SOOOOO MUCH! She is as sort as clouds and is soooo sweet! She likes to dig up all the sawdust in her cage and then we have to clean it ALL OVER AGAIN! But she is still the BIGGEST CUTIE IN THE WORLD!!!!!

Rebecca - 2005-05-04
I just bought a Mini Rex and her name is Mocha. She is chocolate brown and since I am a coffee lover hence her name. She is so sweet and very spoiled! We chase each other all around the house at times, and when we get tired she cuddles up at my feet. How cute!!