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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Keisha Sorenen - 2005-07-09
I have a black mini rex. (doe) her name is princess. i love her to death. she loves to lay on her back...only when she is in the mood. i hve trained her to stay in one spot. If i set her down somewhere, she will stay exactly here i put her. i love her so much. she is my first rabbit that i have ever had and she is only 3 months old.
if someone were to ask me about rabbits and wanted to know what kind would be the best rabbit to get, i would definitely recommend the mini rex.

Antonio - 2005-07-07
hi. my name is antonio and the other week myself and my family got a baby dwarf bunny. she's only six weeks old and gray with a white fluffy tail. she's so cute, i love her so much.

Nichole Novak - 2005-07-03
I just bought my mini rex 4 days ago. Her name is Velvet Dolly. She is a hoot. She loves to eat clover and grass outside. She loves her alfalfa hay also. She is 8 weeks old. She really loves to cuddle under my neck.

Haylee - 2005-07-01
I have a bunny whose name is sami. he is so sweet tempered, he loves giving me kisses. he always wants me to pet him! My rabbit is 8 months old. we got him at 8 weeks (Two Months). he has been a pleasure to have around the house. My bunny is all silver/gray and loves playing with his toys. he is litter box trained and the cutiest EVER!

Bri - 2005-06-30
I just got a Mini Rex and she is the best. at first i thought it was a he so I was calling her Romeo, but I found that it's a girl and so now I have no clue what to call her. anyway she is absoulutly adorable. her color is broken fawn and she is a couple months old. she loves to explore and tries to with every chance she gets. I love her to pieces and she has gotten into the habbit of licking me on my face and my arms LOL!!

Macy - 2005-06-29
i enjoy raising mini rexes too. i was just looking at your web page as i am just looking for some info on mini rexes for the fair.

Anonymous - 2005-06-23
Charlie is 2 years old and is the cutest thing ever. She has brown fur with a white tummy and paws. She loves head rubs and running around the house and her favourite food is bananas! She's such a peaceful animal she reminds me to slow down in everyday life and pet her. She's always wagging her tail and stands up to greet me.

Chelsea - 2005-06-19
Hi my name is Chelsea and i have a mini rex that is 5 weeks old. His name is Brady. He is so sweet and cuddly. He follows me around the house and comes when he is called. He is so adorable i take him with me everywhere. He really likes to eat yogurt chips and he gives me kisses.

Carrie-lynne - 2005-06-19
I have a gray and white mini rex named Ash. i got him from a shelter where I live. he is very cute and sweet when he feels like it. Because of his ruf start he has trust problems and it is hard to pick him up because of this, but i love him no matter what. He is between 6 to 8 months and he is very active. I have nicknamed him Indy because he does laps in my home and in his play pen. I'm thinking of getting him a girlfriend within a few months because i feel that if i cannot be there for him he should have a rabbit friend to play with, because the cat is growing tried of being chashed around by him. He likes to steal food that is not really good for him like crackers, cereal, and chips, he is funny and a great rabbit

Kristin - 2005-06-18
I have a mini rex named Thumper, and he is the best rabbit ever! He greets me every morning and licks my hands, he is litter boxed trained, and very active. He is six years old, and I love him to death! He is gorgeously colored- tan, white, and gray mixed through. I highly recommend these rabbits for a household pet. Thumper is great.