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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Anonymous - 2005-07-30
I have a mini rex named snickers. she's only a month old. I feed her every day and play with her. I think rabbits are the best. I really hope I get to raise them someday. I love every animal god made. I'm very proud of her. If you want to raise a rabbit read information on how to. TOYS, man do rabbits love toys.You can give rabbits woodblocks,a ball [if you bounce a ball in front of them they jump to it]. Cleaning a rabbit very easy, take a wet [warm] cloth and clean them. Don't brush a rabbit hard they usually don't need to be brushed. I brush mine when it gets scared.

Scott - 2005-07-28
My little guy is named Patch. He's a very sassy and spoiled little boy since he now has the run of the house. He learned to "behave" from living with our Yellow Lab dog and is now part of the family (he may even think he's a dog).

I recommend the breed too. My "little big boy" sleeps at the foot of the bed and is ready to go as soon as mom and dad wake up. He loves to zoom up and down the hallway when he's happy. Cover any corners you want to keep if you do what I've done though - he likes to explore everything and occasionally "tastes" any doorway left unprotected.

Amy - 2005-07-24
I own a mini-rex and have had him for a year now. He has been very easy to care for and gets along great with my dogs, cats, and larger rabbits. He is excellent with children and my grandmother just loves him. Cuddles, my rabbit, loves to run the house and likes to be in control. He is very good at using his litter box and we have never caught him chewing on wires or furniture. I believe they make good pets for children and indoor rabbits compared to the other breeds we have owned.

nicole - 2005-07-18
I have a mini rex and they are just the cutest little bunnies you could ever see! I have 1 and I named him Rex and he just LOVES to cuddle with me and he loves to get rubbed lightly on the back of his neck. I have been away for a week(someone took care of him) and when I came back he got pretty big! He has been eating like CRAZY!but this is a good breed for starters. they don't get too big and their fur is SO soft!I just love him like crazy! I don't know what I would do without Rex!

marcia - 2005-07-15
I have a male (neutered) mini rex named Bubba Bunny. He is litter trained to a cat box and has never been in a cage. I got him when he was 5 weeks old and have a wonderful time with him. He jumps up and down on the bed like popcorn. He comes when I call his name and likes to be put on his back when I have him in my lap. Best pet I have ever had.

Karen - 2005-07-13
We just lost our six week old Mini Rex named Patch - (black & white colured). Even though we only had him a short while, he was a wonderful rabbit. Unfortunatly he got sick and died yesterday. He was a wonderful character who would give kisses on demand. My twin girls miss him terribly. I would recommend the Mini Rex to anyone that was thinking of buying a pet rabbit.

Amanda - 2005-07-12
I have 1 mini rex, Cookies N Cream, who lives with her BFF Sassy(holland Lop). She is only a baby but has such good manners. You can find some of her brothers and sisters at the White Marsh Pet Center in White Marsh Mall (MD). They were all very colorful with some solids. They are the nicest rabbits.

sydney - 2005-07-12
I breed & raise mini rexes but I have no where near as many rabbits as most breeders do. But I love my rabbits I have 4 right now & soon i will get 4 more I cant wait. I love mini rexes they are my favorite breed & by far have the softest fur ever. I JUST LOVE THEM.

Lauren Beavers - 2005-07-09
I have two mini rexes, Penny and Charlie. Both of them are female. I am currently a senior in high school and president of my school's FFA program, where I was introduced to mini rexes. I love my rabbits so much. I'm going to have Penny spayed because she is about three or four years old (I don't know her exact age because I rescued her from a shelter.)and I want her to stay healthy. Charlie is only 7 months old. She won a few ribbons at the county fair this year. When she is a year old I plan to breed her once and then have her spayed too. I am extremely happy to have been able to be introduced to these sweet rabbits. I now can't imagine not having a rabbit as a pet.

Pearly - 2005-07-09
My Name is Pearly and i have two bunnies. My Mini Rex is a girl and she is so adorable!! She has a beautiful white coat with calico markings all over her. She loves to play and hide under things!! And she absolutly loves to eat!! She likes to be held and groomed, and she loves to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is the hay roller. i hang it on her cage and she spins it around to get her hay out. She is so cute!! Mini Rexes are awesome rabbits!!!