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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Joseph - 2005-08-19
I have a Mini Rex whose name is Jasmine and she's the best pet I've ever had. Shes a 4 month old castor colored bunny and she does the most hilarious things ever. If I leave the top of her cage open she manages to jump out of it and on to the floor.(The cage i have isnt one of those expensive hutch style cages with the wire floor and the table legs, it just stands on the floor.)When ever I have a vegetable or fruit in my hand she runs towards me and licks my shoes like crazy and starts making low pitch humming noises, its very funny. I have also been training her on a harness, and when ever i take her across the street and put her down with her harness on, she makes a beeline across the street and to my house(of course i check for cars before i put her down.) when you set her on your lap and pet her she tries to snuggle you with her head. She is a very loving creature who wouldnt harm a thing.

Marney Thompson - 2005-08-18
My husband and I have a mini rex called Moses. He is Opal and the most beautiful rabbit in the world. He is so intelligent and keeps us amused all day long. He is also the friendliest rabbit that I know. He has given us so much and we hope to breed from him. His best friend in the world is a guinea pig called Gustav.

Revee D. - 2005-08-12
this is the second day that i've owned my first red eyed rex rabbit and he is one of the most loving and smartest animals i've ever owened. his name is boo bunny and i would like to thank the people who breed them.

Amanda - 2005-08-12
my family and I just got a mini-rex. it took alot of begging from me but finally my parents said yes. his name is twinkle. he's white with brwon, yes brown, around his eyes and brown spots around his face. i love playing with him and especially holding him, which he begs for. i love that he feels like velvet the most though.(L)

mark - 2005-08-09
my rabbits name is rex and he is crazy. we have this huge backyard and he jummps alot, and one time he actually did a backflip. He is the only rabbit i have and he is the best. he is always excited to see me and always licks my face but he protects me. one time when my girlfriend was going to kiss me he almost bit her, but they are lovable pets. peace, Mark.

Sweetpee - 2005-08-06
my mini rex is very cool and i love her. she has had 3 litters!

Julie - 2005-08-05
I just got a six week old orange rex. She is so couraguos and smart. She's not afraid of my cats or my two small dogs(the dogs are good with small animals). She loves to play and run around. She is so calm when I pick her up. I'm surprised about her temperment. Especially because she's just a baby. I love rexes and all bunnies.

Andrea List - 2005-07-30
My nick name has always been ' Mini Rex ' with in my family. I have had pet rabbits all of my childhood and loved them dearly!
I have owned a 'Dutch' in the past and her name was Hellen Whiskers ~ (my brothers rabbit), he became tired of her and I adopted her! How can you become tired of such a sweet thing? I am enamored by the 'rex', 'Lop', and all the others.

Anonymous - 2005-07-30
I have a mini rex named snickers. she's only a month old. I feed her every day and play with her. I think rabbits are the best. I really hope I get to raise them someday. I love every animal god made. I'm very proud of her. If you want to raise a rabbit read information on how to. TOYS, man do rabbits love toys.You can give rabbits woodblocks,a ball [if you bounce a ball in front of them they jump to it]. Cleaning a rabbit very easy, take a wet [warm] cloth and clean them. Don't brush a rabbit hard they usually don't need to be brushed. I brush mine when it gets scared.

Scott - 2005-07-28
My little guy is named Patch. He's a very sassy and spoiled little boy since he now has the run of the house. He learned to "behave" from living with our Yellow Lab dog and is now part of the family (he may even think he's a dog).

I recommend the breed too. My "little big boy" sleeps at the foot of the bed and is ready to go as soon as mom and dad wake up. He loves to zoom up and down the hallway when he's happy. Cover any corners you want to keep if you do what I've done though - he likes to explore everything and occasionally "tastes" any doorway left unprotected.