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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Julie Spencer - 2005-10-03
i just got a mini rex the other day. her name is Spepper, she is white and black like salt and pepper so i named her spepper.
she is like a little dog, she comes up to me and she loves to snuggle.

Anonymous - 2005-10-02
I own one mini rex rabbit. It is one year old. I named it Benjamin Bruce Bunny. Every morning when I wake up and get ready to go to school, I come downstairs and have breakfast. Benjamin goes crazy until i come over to his cage, pick him up, and cuddle him for a while. He likes licking me, especially my cheek. He is very effectionate and is also very playful. I really love my rabbit, and I don't know what I would do without him.

Tammie - 2005-09-25
I have had my mini rex for two years now. She is a joy. Very smart and comical. She gets excited when you call her name and runs around like a crazy lady. She is now five years old. She was a rescue animal that lived in St. Annes kindegarten class for three years. So while she was on summer vacation at the neighbors I decided to ask if I could have her. I don't think that life she had was a good one. So, that is how I got her and I didn't know that bunnies were so active but wow. They are something else. As someone who never before had a house rabbit. I don't think that I could ever imagine my life with out one now. The mini rex is a great companion animal.

k - 2005-09-16
i've had my mini rex 2 about 2 months he is very smart and loving he learns new way to get into truoble every day. and he loves casing the cat. I love my mini rex rabbit and wouldn't trade him for anything

jenna bewer - 2005-09-14
I have 1 mini Rex and she is beautiful. She is best friends with my cat and me. Her name is Emma and she is fat (we spoil her). I think a mini Rex is a grate pet for anyone. If you are looking for the perfect pet consider a rabbit!

BRITTANY - 2005-09-12
These are indeed very intelligent animals. Mine, for example, finds all kinds of different ways to get past the obstacles put in her way to keep her from going places she shouldnt be. She moves stuff and is good at figuring out stuff.

Morgan - 2005-09-04
Hi, I just got a mini rex buck who is about a year old. We also bought a doe with 7 babies. They are only about two weeks old. But they are so cute. Mini rex's are the best companions. I used to raise guinea pigs and then we got out of them and then we got these guys. I am much happier with them. i have raised them before and we did raise mini rex's, so we are used to them. The breed is amazing. They are so soft and so sweet.

cassie - 2005-08-31
I like this web site although you could put more info on the breed and colors like pictures of each color and compare the differences. I own 1 lil mini rex right now with 3 other bunnies but I will own more mini rexes soon. :)

Bradie - 2005-08-29
I just got my bunny today and I love him very much! he is 7 weeks old and his fur is so soft!

rabbitbreder - 2005-08-29
i show mini rex at the minnesota state fair and you missed a one there is a group called tri its any two colers with white