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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Mitchelle - 2006-10-02
I don't have a mini rex yet but I will and I can't wait. I have talked to a lot of rabbit owners and according to them mini rex is the best!

Tayler - 2006-10-01
i just got my rabbit. they told me it was a black but i looked brown. she said it will change, just that mini rex's fur can fade in sunlight. so watchout because in FFA or 4H it takes points away.

Amanda - 2006-09-05
I have a multi-colored mini rex rabbit named Baby. I love her! She's so cute!

kristen steinbacher - 2006-08-28
I have a bonded pair of mini-rexes. They are so cute they put me into an adorableness coma. Seriously, they are great pets and loads of fun! They are small and very active little buns! While they do not care much to be held, they are very affectionate.; my male, Cashew gives me kisses and sometimes won't stop and my female, Hazel is very sunggly. One thing to make sure of is proper diet... I have had to take Cashew to the vet on a few occassions as min-rex shed a lot and develop fur balls. Make sure they get unlimited timothy hay, fresh greens (check out the house rabbit society online for a list), and pellets that are high in fiber (I buy Oxbow). Also, Oxbow carries papaya tablets that are good for hairballs... you can also buy cat laxatives such as Laxatone, but do not use both! Good rabbit vets are hard to find!! :)

Theresa King - 2006-08-28
I have a mini rex that is spotted and she is sooo cute but she is really crazy with energy!!

Hannah 2006/18/8 - 2006-08-18
I have a Rex rabbit named Peanut. He is so CUTIE. Most people i know that have rabbits have mini rexs. there so cutie and cuddley that you want more.

Kara Klatt - 2006-08-13
I have a Red eyed white mini rex her name snowball. She is so loveable and cute she loves to run around the house and thump her foot like thumper. My mom calls her that.

Cathy - 2006-08-12
I have loved and enjoyed my Mini Rex. Unfortunately I had to put him down in January after being part of our family for 9 1/2 years. He did not like to be held at all, it was a challenge getting him in his carry cage to go to the vet. He loved carrots and begged for them everytime the refrigerator door would open. He loved to have run of the house and would run figure 8's if you stood with your legs apart. He loved to be pet on the fur between his eyes. He was the best, lovable rabbit.

Laura-MI - 2006-08-06
I have a black mini rex rabbit named Maya. She is very affectionate, but will not stand to be picked up or held. She is still a sweet bunny and has become a great part of the family. Each rabbit has a specific temperament. She is just like a dog, i take her for walks, tie her up, she comes when called, and has her own carrier.

Charlene - 2006-07-29
I have had my mini rex rabbit for 3 days only and im tellin you i am in love and my kids are in love. He is so cute, cuddly, tame and so fun to watch when he is playing. He is litter trained by his previous owner and just a pure joy to have in our lives!