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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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April - 2007-01-30
I used to have a netherland dwarf and then i got a dwarf mix and i am thinking about getting a mini rex. i really want too, her name's nikki. she's six months old at the humane society.

Kaitlyn - 2007-01-21
I got my rabbit a couple months ago and she is SO sweet i couldn't have picked a better rabbit.

Allegra - 2007-01-06
I got my first mini rex a few months ago, and she is the sweetest little bunny ever. She loves to snuggle and be around people. I really recomMend mini rexs for pets.

yanick - 2006-12-17
Hello everyone. I love this rabbit. i have 7 of them, and the more i get of them the more i want of them. so i am getting another one for christmas. happy holidays.

Juana Becerra - 2006-12-16
I have a mini rex and she is the best. Her name is Percious. Everyone that sees and pets her is really surprised at how chill she is. I think mini rex rabbits make very good pets.

nick - 2006-12-08
I have a Mini Rex named Jack. He has the personality of a puppy, he stands up every time I come near him. We let him out of his cage for at least an hour a day. He has done no damage at all. He greets anyone sitting down by jumping on their laps and putting his nose up to their cheeks. Everyone is so impressed with him. I highly recommend Mini Rex's

Sheila - 2006-11-10
Coco is my broken chocolate Mini-Rex. At first, I got her as a companion to my Holland Lop, Chestnut (they were born the same day). They got along well until their hormones started to kick in and I had to separate them. Coco is the curious one...Always the first to sniff and try out a new toy, always the first one to hop out of her home during play time. She is very adorable. She approaches me bravely, circling me with adoration. During play time you see her jumping, her hind legs seeming to clap behind her in glee. I was so taken with Coco's personality, I got Nimbus, a blue Mini-Rex. He is beautiful. Just the perfect furball. He hates the tiles and loves to stay on the carpet "leaping" to and fro. Mini-Rex rabbits are expressive animals with great personalities.

john - 2006-10-08
To help prevent sore hocks make sure clip your Rabbits nails properly. Not letting the nails get too long also helps.

Cait - 2006-10-07
I have an all black 4 month old mini rex named Jack, he is the greatest bunny ever! He has such a great personality and is always keeping me laughing with his crazy games. If you have never had a mini rex than this is the rabbit for you, they're the best!

Sarah - 2006-10-05
I own 2 mini Rex's and they are some of the best pets I have ever owned. The oldest, who is full grown, is litter box trained and lives in the house with the cats. He is very independent whereas the baby Rex only weighs about half a pound and loves all the attention he can get. I have learned though that the oldest does not like having another rabbit around and tries very hard to bite the baby. So, be sure your rabbit is socialized with other rabbits instead of cats before you bring in a new addition.