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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Jasmin Adams - 2007-03-24
I dont own one but I held one in the store today and it was so adoable, friendly, and cuddly. also my dad said I might get one.

Bre - 2007-03-04
I love my rex rabbit Lola. She is litter trained and loves to cuddle and to play. She is friendly, well tempered, and doesn't mind our two dogs and one cat. She also successfully raised a litter of 5 and we are breeding her again. She is beautiful and soft and one of the best rabbits we have ever had!

india - 2007-03-03
my bunny is the best because she loves to hop around our big house, but when she gets tired she goes up our stairs. its so cute, i love her so much. i really think this is a great pet.

Elizabeth Ward - 2007-02-25
I love my mini rex rabbit! she is so cute and really lovable. my whole family loves her and she makes a great companion.

Katelynn - 2007-02-07
I love my mini rexes. I myself have 7 of my own and my sister has 3 that I take care of. I let them outside in a pen for about 2 hours a day depending how cold it is. I also love to show them in the fairs.

Breanna - 2007-02-06
My friends are always asking me why I named my rabbit Velvet and I always tell them because when i got her, and still, her fur is really soft just like velvet. so it fit my precious little girl perfectly. I know that souunds a little bit prepy, but she is so special to me.

Tiffany - 2007-01-31
Mini Rex Rabbits are very special animals. they need to have an owner that has time to love them, play with them, and care for them. I myself have 2 mini rex rabbits and I take time to care for them every day.

Alyssa - 2007-01-30
i love splash, she is the cutest mini rex rabbit ever. i got her from a rabbit breeder in winzer park winnipeg and she was only 8 weeks old. her mom is registered, shes all white. splash is black and white, that is why i named her splash. she loves to have company and she licks everyone who holds her which means shes showing affection. i got her friday january, 26 2007. her birthday is november 28. i love her so much.

FloppysMom - 2007-01-30
I am new to rabbits and have a 10 month old mini rex that I adopted from my neighbor. He is the sweetest pet, and they have BIG personalities. He loves to play with my cats and walk on his leash out in the grass. I have found them very easy to care for, as long as you have the time to give them the attention they need.

April - 2007-01-30
I used to have a netherland dwarf and then i got a dwarf mix and i am thinking about getting a mini rex. i really want too, her name's nikki. she's six months old at the humane society.