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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Anonymous - 2007-05-30
i have a mini rex buck, his ears are getting too big but he is friendly. i love him, he's so gentle. he's only about 3 something i think, i dont remember lol

Lynn - 2007-05-27
I have a wonderful mini Rex named Nipper. He is so sweet and friendly and gets along with the 3 cats. Very sweet pet! He was a rescue bunny and my husband was adamant about us finding a home for him, but guess who loves the bunny now? he is a great addition to our little "family"

pattie - 2007-05-24
I have a sweet baby girl mini rex named Lyla. She is a bell ringer. I love her so much.

Susanna Copeland - 2007-05-19
I just got two mini rex rabits. they are so cute.

Sarah - 2007-05-11
I just got a mini rex, he is 4 weeks old. He is loving, gentle, and sweet. He loves to sit in your hand. His name is Ashes. He loves my other mini lop. They love each other. He is brown, tan, white, black, and a little gray. They are great pets. = )

Whitney - 2007-05-09
I have a Rex thats about 3 years old. His name is Patchy. We take him to Florida with us every year and he loves riding in the pontoon boat. I love him so much!

Esta - 2007-05-04
I just got a rex called Smokey. he's getting on so well with me but still doesn't like to be picked up.

Anonymous - 2007-05-02
i just got a mini rex..we call her trixi =) she's so cute!

reeda simms - 2007-05-02
my mini rex is blind =(..but she is so cute!

serena - 2007-04-25
hi my name is serena and i have a mini rex. hes so cute and i love him .