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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Katie - 2007-08-06
I have a Mini Rex, her name is Checkers. We adopted her from our x-stepcousins, who had adopted her from a different place. Both neglected her. She is white with black spots. She runs around the whole house and is extremly happy in her new home. Checkers is now 3yrs old. She loves my mom. Checkers follows us all around the whole house and hates when we are gone. she loves attention and is a wonderful family member.

Abigail Skelton - 2007-08-03
I have one mini rex rabbit that I have had for about four years and she has brought so much joy to me. I show and breed them so I am constantly doing stuff for her. I have several other breeds but the mini rex is by far my favorite breed because of their all around disposition. They are very intelligent and are very lively.

Anonymous - 2007-07-30
I have a Mini Rex rabbit and he is very sweet and likes to be petted. I am thinking about putting him in the 4-H fair next year. Right now mine is still a baby. I hope he will grow up to be a very healthy rabbit.

Eilidh - 2007-07-28
My sisters miniature rex has personality and attitude. I never knew rabbits growled till she got it. (sweet, ha as if!)

saphire - 2007-07-19
i love how they barely shed.. i can actually hold them before i go out somewhere and not regret it.... :)

jessica - 2007-07-18
I used to have a mini rex KoKo but she passed away last year and today I just got another one! His name is either going to be Maui or Kona! BTW That rabbit is soooo cute!!! :)

randi - 2007-07-17
I have a blue mini rex buck, Carl. He is very soft and plush. I love him alot, although like someone else said, he is also a little standoffish. He does enjoy when I give him treats though :) His favorite treats are dandelions and dried fruit. He is really a sweet, curious bunny!

Amanda - 2007-07-10
I have a mini rex rabbit and her name is Bailey. Shes very calm and sweet. I've had her for about 2 weeks now and she gets along with us great! I highly recommend getting this breed if your thinking about getting a rabbit.

Anonymous - 2007-07-07
My mini rex rabbit is black, his name is bunny b.

Anonymous - 2007-07-03
My rabbits name is Molly and she is a mini rex. I am planning on breeding her soon.