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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Jessi - 2007-10-06
I have a Mini Rex rabbit & her name is Ginger, she has white fur with black and orangey-brown spots. She is very cute!

Laurel - 2007-09-07
I have a mini rex and his name is O.J.. He is orange just to give you a hint! And no...his name isn't Orange Juice it's Orange Junior, he is named after his mom who's name if you can guess is Orange. He absolutely adores Lola (My bestest buddie Missy's bunny) just find Missy's comment on holland lops and you will soon know all about Lola. If O.J. and Lola have bunnies they will look like the orange holland lop you first see when you go to holland lop. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Janie & Jory - 2007-08-31
We just got a mini, Smokey, and are already in love! It hasn't even been one day, and although he has a lot of energy, he still come and snuggles with us.

Anonymous - 2007-08-29
i have a adorable minirex named Pnut who is just over one year old. he is extremely energetic and likes bouncing off the couches and shredding paper bags. he is very smart and taught himself to use the litterbox without my help. MINI REX ROCK!

carmen - 2007-08-26
hello! i have 1 mini rex rabbit, as well as 4 other mix breed rabbits. My mini rex is a male and is named Nubs. i love him so much! i even call him my little baby! i let him have the run of the house and he follows me every where. he will also come when he is called (most of the time =D). Nubs also loves to play with the cats, sometimes i belive he thinks he is one. i also have an outdoor pen thats huge (its meant for dogs) that i filled with obstacles for him to play in. his favorite treat happens to be broccoli. i feel bad because he's a tinsy bit heavy, so i give my other bunnies treats-but not him. :( Nubs isnt a show rabbit yet, but i'm getting him tattooed in september. the people i got him from used to show him in 4-h shows. this saturday something terrible happened to him, he stopped eating and drinking-completely. today i looked in his mouth and it looked like that his top teeth over grew the bottom ones though he had many chew toys. i couldnt get him to eat, but thankfully he did drink. Nubs is going to the vet. i did some research and i believe that maybe a simple trimming could cure this but pray that he'll be all right. i've already lost many other rabbits i had! thank you!

Anonymous - 2007-08-19
I have a mini rex rabbit, Velvet. Her color is called a Lynx. They are great rabbits for pets or for show. Velvet is a show rabbit. She does good at the shows. They are little rabbits, Velvet weights 4 pounds and she's an adult. Once you touch their coat, you fall in love. Their coats feel like plush velvet, that's how she got her name. Easy to take care of. Very little grooming is required. Mini Rex are great rabbits. I love Mini Rex.

Felicia Lefler - 2007-08-16
We are the proud owners of a male mini rex. He is the best pet ever, he is so full of curiosity and fun. Soon we will be getting him a wife and have a huge family.

donna - 2007-08-13
I have a mini rex and a dutch. Great pets, fun to play with and to watch. My rex, Nibbles, recently came down with a GI health problem. I took her to the vet as soon as i noticed she wasn't eating or dropping any nuggets and laying around more then usual. The vet took xrays and had us syringe feed her. Xray showed an obstruction and kidney stones. After another xray and no change in Nibbles health, i found another vet. This dr. specializes in exotic animals. He took a different approach on treating her. He thought the kidney stones were causing her pain and not allowing her to pass anything. After a three night stay in the hospital, blood work, more xrays, fluids and different meds, i got my Nibbles back. Please, when you get your rabbit, find a local vet who treats exotic pets. If i kept treating Nibs with the first vets treatments, i would have lost her. She is on her way to a full recovery! She is very loved, and Smokey is happy to have her home.

Kim - 2007-08-11
I have a mini rex named lola bunny. she is the calmest bunny in the world. she comes when i call her, she follows my feet when i walk, and she goes everywhere with me. she thinks she is a cat though, because i have three and they always play with her. she loves to sleep with my rottweiler and my shepard-lab mix. she is very loving and gives me kisses a lot!

Lee - 2007-08-06
I got a mini rex rabbit named Midnight. He lives under the rocking chair in the living room. He likes to watch tv and kicks people off the couch literally. He just loves my dad lol XD. He gets back at my dad when they play sometimes. We take good care of him and take him outside a lot on the porch. He is the best pet I have had so far ^^