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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Kaitlin - 2008-01-17
I have the cutest baby mini-Rex named Buttons. When I let her go outside, she hops normally, runs fast, and then jumps very high. She is white with a broken tortoise-shell. She doesn't care about what you do with her. My cats are scared of my baby bunny, and they're older than her. She likes licking people. Mini-Rex's are the best kind of bunny.

Alanna - 2008-01-10
I have the cutest little mini rex! she is so cute and I always bring her outside and runs like crazy! I named her Abby. When she wants to go outside and play, she looks at you with puppy dog eyes and looks like she's cross eyed because her eyes are on the sides of her head. She's almost litter trained and is dark brown and black. MINI REXS ARE THE BEST RABBIT EVER!

Claire - 2007-12-29
Hi i have two WONDERFUL mini rex rabbits. I have a doe (white with black markings) and a buck (white with brownish reddish markings). They are the sweetest things ever, but I am about too breed them....well, in about a month or two. They are separated and eat 24/7! Eating machines I tell you, but every cent I put into those pellets and that hay is worth it. When I breed i will get to see the miracle of life and that will be the very best thing I'll get out of all this. If you are ever looking for a good rabbit for breeding, a pet, 4-h, or even FFA you should consider getting a mini rex. Thank you for letting me put this up, tata for now!

Amanda - 2007-12-27
I just love my mini rex. He is softer than anything I've ever touched before. He is very tame and has never bitten anyone. He loves to give kisses and is completely litter box trained. I named him Pikay. He is truly my best friend. He roams around the house just like a regular cat does. He even relaxes on the furniture to watch tv with us.

tascee - 2007-12-26
I got two mini rexs for Christmas and I love them so so much. I have a girl and a boy for breeding. Cammie is the girl and Camo is the boy. I plan to show them. They are so soft, loveable, and cute.

Indy & cappicino - 2007-12-06
My bunny is my best friend. We have two cats, two birds, hamster, fish, and a bunny. I have to say the bunny gets along with all of them. She is the most cuddly and cute. This year she turned 1. Her coat is red and orange and her stomach is grey. She is awesome, I love her.

Zoe Sametz-Goodwin - 2007-11-25
Hey, I have had one mini rex and am getting my second soon. They are wonderful pets and are so so soft! I love them!

kayla - 2007-11-21
I just got a white mini rex! She's really great!

Marybeth - 2007-11-06
Last December I fostered 3 mini rex brothers, never thinking they would become part of the family. They were neutered after 4 months old and they just turned 1 year old this past October. Jack is lavender, Ben and Tim are black. Fresh greens are fed daily...never pellets. Timothy hay always and alfalfa chews as treats. For their birthday I made cakes: rice cakes with a banana/blueberry mash spread. If Tim had his choice, he would only eat carrots and pears. But to keep a full variety and healthy diet, I mix and dice various fruits and greens daily. I really enjoy making edible chew toys and keeping their hutch and runner comfy and cozy. I love them very much...And to think I consider myself a cat person.....

kerry - 2007-10-09
We just got a mini rex on 9/18 and love love love her! We have wanted a bunny for a long time and just moved into a new house with the perfect hutch area. When I walked into the petstore on my son's fourth birthday (to get him a fish!) we found our little sweetie. She had been brought in the day before by a sweet woman who could no longer give her the attention she deserved. My heart melted and our BUN BUN came home with us. So happy to have her here, and I can tell she is happy too because of the snuggles we get :)