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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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Eliza - 2008-03-17
Mini Rexs are not the nicest rabbits, but they are soft.

vanessa - 2008-03-16
My boyfriend and I bought a red mini rex from the pet store and she is as cute and can be! She is about 4 months old and her name is Honey Bunny. She is so nosey though when she is loose in the house. She's always throwing stuff around and always nibbling my shoe laces... GRR! But she's just exploring, god knows whats shes eaten. I just hope she learns how to walk on the leash soon. I took her out one day and lets just say she slipped out and she scrathced the heck out of me when I held her. She's lucky she's cute!

Caitlyn - 2008-03-10
I have a ten week old bunny. She is solid black and I named her iHop. I love her a lot but sometimes she can be aggravating. I have to block off everything when I decide to let her out of her cage because she is so curious and loves to squeeze under furniture. When I first got her she tended to run under my bed the second I put her on the floor. When I tell her to do the "crazy dance" she runs then jumps and spins in the air. She is very hyper all of the time and always wants to run. I'm afraid to let her outside in the springtime because I think she'll run away. She isn't much of a cuddler. It's a hassle just to pick her up out of her cage. You can't hold her for long because she's so squirmy. She loves to eat cheerios and when she's 6 months I can start feeding her veggies. She's most friendly with me because she knows my voice and I'm the one who feeds her.

Ami Lee - 2008-02-27
I own one adorable mini-rex male rabbit! I'd have to say he is one of the better rabbits I've had (considering he's the only rabbit I've had). He's very mellow and I love him dearly. If anything bad happened to him, I don't know what I'd do! He's my life and he will always be close to my heart.

Shelby - 2008-02-21
My two awsome Mini Rex's are (Hopper) who is broken black and (Rosco) who is solid black. I got Hopper first, he is 9 months now, and he was the only one for a while, then I got Rosco (5 months). They don't get along and have to take turns outside their cages. I feed them 1/4 C. of pellets and unlimited Timmothy hay. I also give them salt wheels and unlimited fresh purified water. They love all of it, they are spoiled. They are the first thing I tend to every morning and I wouldn't have it any other way! =]

Costas - 2008-02-13
I got a demon of a mini-rex, he's all gray with the white belly, he acts more like a dog then a bunny, hes' pretty big now and heavy, my gf is scared he might be a giant rex. Hopefully not. He's always happy, jumping, doesn't chew my stuff, and loves to go under my bed and stay for hours. He brings most of his treats and toys under there. We got him a friend last week, a black and white dutch bunny. We believe its a girl. They are getting along good even though everyone told me that my rex would destroy the baby dutch. But he hasnt....yet! Overall they are a very good breed and smart. They get along with most other bunnys, though my gf's dutch i got her attacked jack when he was smaller. Now it seems hes bigger then her dutch. I say to go with a rex or a dutch bunny, just get them fixed at some point.

Robyn - 2008-02-01
I have the most precious completely black mini rex. Her name is Black Betty (after the son). She is very social! She loves to play, especially with my two cats! They all have a blast. She also likes to play the escape game! She will get out of the kitchen (which she has to herself) and run into whatever room I am in and thump until I notice her, and then she makes a b-line back for the kitchen before I can get her. I guess she is letting me know that she is smart and wants to play. I love my princess and I wouldnt trade her for the world!

Kaitlin - 2008-01-17
I have the cutest baby mini-Rex named Buttons. When I let her go outside, she hops normally, runs fast, and then jumps very high. She is white with a broken tortoise-shell. She doesn't care about what you do with her. My cats are scared of my baby bunny, and they're older than her. She likes licking people. Mini-Rex's are the best kind of bunny.

Alanna - 2008-01-10
I have the cutest little mini rex! she is so cute and I always bring her outside and runs like crazy! I named her Abby. When she wants to go outside and play, she looks at you with puppy dog eyes and looks like she's cross eyed because her eyes are on the sides of her head. She's almost litter trained and is dark brown and black. MINI REXS ARE THE BEST RABBIT EVER!

Claire - 2007-12-29
Hi i have two WONDERFUL mini rex rabbits. I have a doe (white with black markings) and a buck (white with brownish reddish markings). They are the sweetest things ever, but I am about too breed them....well, in about a month or two. They are separated and eat 24/7! Eating machines I tell you, but every cent I put into those pellets and that hay is worth it. When I breed i will get to see the miracle of life and that will be the very best thing I'll get out of all this. If you are ever looking for a good rabbit for breeding, a pet, 4-h, or even FFA you should consider getting a mini rex. Thank you for letting me put this up, tata for now!