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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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madison - 2008-07-03

Spot and Dot Rabbitry - 2008-06-09
Hellow! My favorite breed of rabbit is mini rex. I have been raising them for 2 years now. Every single characteristic of the mini rex rabbit appeals to me, such as their velvety coat, straight ears, and their great temperment. That's why the only breed I raise is mini rex.

dylan harvey - 2008-05-25
We have an 8 week old mini rex, it is very cute.

the hartleys - 2008-05-15
My husband and I purchased 2 mini rexes today for our 5yr old son. The delight on our sons face was priceless, and he has checked on them just like a newborn. His name is Dylan and he named them Scooby and Shaggy.

jasmine witt. - 2008-05-15
Mini Rex are great. My friend has one and I might get one soon!

Jeanne : >} - 2008-05-03
My family and I raise mini rex. They are a great breed of rabbit. They have good personalities and are very, very soft. Most of ours are calm and relaxed. That's partly because they are handled on a regular basis. They are like potato chips ~~~ You can't have just one!

aBBEY:-] - 2008-04-22
I have 4 mini rex's. One of them is named Skittles, and she licks me all of the time! I have another one named DQ and she is PREGANT. The kits are going to be Lilac!

mellony - 2008-04-09
Hi I'm Angel, a 4 week old mini rex and I'm very spoiled by my loving owner, Mellony. I cant tell if I'm black or a mixed color; or female or male. I hope I'm female! Angel

Apple - 2008-04-03

I'm Apple, the rabbit ;-). I'm a Minirex from Thailand. I like to eat apples, climb like a cat, stand up on my tip-toes, and I even like to swim!

Check me out:



Ursula Davies - 2008-03-20
I have a red mini rex called Louie who I fell in love with the moment I set eyes on him. He is one of the friendliest rabbits I've ever had but he doesn't like being cuddled very much, though he is quite happy to jump up onto my bed and lay down with me. He is very cheeky and I would recommend any rabbit lover to get a mini rex :-D