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A sweet, cuddly nature along with a plush velvety coat makes the Mini Rex a favorite pet bunny!
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madison - 2009-04-06
I have 2 rabbits. One is a mini rex netherland dwarf lilac mix named kellton and the other one is a netherland dwarf silver martin mix named holly. holly will be 2 years old in may and kellton will be 1 in october. They both love banana and parsley.

Briegan - 2009-03-29
I have a three year old mini rex named Jack, who I love to death! He so soft and sweet! If I bring him down to our living room, he will jump up on our small couch and it is then officially his! He loves to interact with people and when he's happy he'll run around and jump in the air doing crazy things! Mini rexes are an awesome pet to have!

Sharon - 2009-03-10
HI:) I have the most adorable Mini-Rex his name Roo, he hops like a kangaroo.
He is litter box trained after only 2 weeks. He loves to hop and spin in place when he is happy. I call it his "happy dance." It is funny to watch. He is curious but very cuddly and friendly. He is fascinated with a house that I made with a cardboard box adorning a few windows. He also loves to follow me hopping close behind as I go from room to room. Litter box training was easy just placed the box with some hay in the corner of the room and he uses it. No accidents....yet!!!
Lots of energy and a cuddly companion. Sharon

Jessilyn Arnold - 2009-02-10
My bunny is a mini rex mixed with another breed, but were not quite sure. He is the most adorable thing ever. He's white with brown spots and he's so fat and loveable. I sometimes think that he thinks he's like a dog or something cause he acts like one in many ways and he doesn't like people who are scared of him. But no one except my little brother is scared of him, but they get along now. Anyway if your wanting to get a bunny or rabbit GET a Mini Rex...Too cute

Hillary - 2009-01-10
Me and my sister have a Dwarf-Rex rabbit. She is two years old and she is as big as a six year old. She enjoys eating alfalfa treats and hay. She sleeps in a bunny condo that we built for her. She has usually a 1/4 of a bail of hay in there and a guinea pig home that she absolutely loves. She turns it over and puts hay in the bottom to sleep in it. Her name is Tootsie and she is the calmest rabbit that you will ever meet.

Hillary and Meagan

kenita - 2009-01-08
Ok, I Have a mini rex too and he is very kind, and sweet! He loves to lick my check too! here is a picture!

Baby - 2009-01-04
I have a mini rex rabbit,black and white with that lovable instinct to randomly lick your cheek when you're holding it by your face. Her name is Chibi, this bunny is indeed a female! I also have another mini rex rabbit who is brown with a bit of white named ReiRei,this bunny is male! And my last rabbit is very weird, it is a male and has stayed with me for 15 years now. Anyone wanna' elaborate on what's wrong with Noel... I'm pretty sure 15 years is old for a bunny. It wouldn't be as energetic as when it was 4 months old!

Tara - 2008-12-14
I had a mix of holland lop and a mini rex. His name was Cody and he was Blue. He was such a lovable bunny. He died about a year ago at the age of 10! Miss ya buddy!

Paula - 2008-12-09
I have a mini rex rabbit now too. I had a tort mini rex that I got on nov. 15, but she died on Thanksgiving. The next day I went and got a another one. This one is all black and her name is Belle. She is so sweet and curious. She is great, she loves to play chase me. She has already litter trained herself. She is so much more active than my mini lop is. My daughter is putting her in the fair and rabbit shows next year. I love her so much and I love my mini lop also. well actually they're my daughter's and mine. The one that died didn't do too much, she would just lay in her cage, or if we took her out she would just go lay somewhere to be alone.

Janine - 2008-12-08
We have three bunnies. One mini rex (broken black), he is not the best of the bunnies but he is so cute and sweet when you are not trying to get him to do something he does not want to do,lol. My other bunnies are lops and they are more laid back and willing to go along with everything. I enjoy my bunnies and am happy they are litter trained. Bunnies make the best pets as long as you are willing to do house chores every day for them.